Saber Lily vs Salter Tier List Placement

Why is Saber Lily a whole tier higher than Salter, I get she’s welfare and all, but her attack rating and Noble Phantasm overcharge are utter garbage. At the bare minimum they should be the same tier, realistically they should swap tiers.

GP assumes NP1 gacha NP5 welfare. In that respect, they actually do comparable damage with Lily coming out barely on top - 52,807-64,541 (58,674) vs 56,898-69,542 (63,220), respectively.

It doesn’t matter that her ATK is garbage for the purposes of being a wave-clearing nuke, the only role both are even acceptable at (similarly garbage internals, outstandingly one-note kits), because the numbers have shown even pre-buff that Lily’s NP damage makes up for it.

On top of that, GP writes for an NA audience primarily. This is demonstrably noticeable and easy to see just by the priority given to NA content, covering buffs but only in a future sense (e.g. Strengthening Quests XI), and even down to their Tier Lists, such as how Nobuzerker and Fionn have an arrow upward in ligh of their NP SQ and S2 SQ respectively).

You can take issue with the standards, but right now in NA they are pretty much equal and that’s hardly a controversial lineup.


Basicly because welfare

Salter and Lily have basically the same job, but Lily does it just as well and is a freebie.

They both have terrible internals, so Salter’s raw ATK isn’t as much of an advantage as it appears to be. They’re both walking NPs.

When Salter gets her Rank Up, the tables will turn a bit.

I am more curious about this:

Why is Santa Alter on the same tier as Salter instead of the same tier as Saber Lily? Both are NP5 welfares but Santa hits harder and has healing utility.


That’s a good question to be honest




Errr…Saber Lily hits harder than Santa lily due to her 700% NP damage multiplier actually (63K vs 57K).
And lancers have better Aoe options than Sabers. Lartoria and Eresh are 50% battery farmers, which blows Jailter out of the water, Karna has a similiar battery as Jailter as well as more damage. 4* lancers have Parvati Valkyrie and Fionn which are all good looping options. Meanwhile there’s no saber Aoe with 50% battery. Other than Artoria OG, all the rest are about equal for farming really. Gawain is not going to match Lily in terms of damage without sunlight as of now, all the rest won’t perform better at farming compared to Lily. Lily just has much less competition compared to Jailter.

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Santa Alter, not Santa Lily Alter/Janta/Jeanne Santa/Spamta, pretty sure he meant.


Santa Alter, not Santa Lily:

Sant Alter hits at np 5 for 33,335 damage. Saber Lily hits for 31,610.

Santa Alter is a Rider. I am not talking about Santa Lily who is already at the same Tier as Saber Lily.

Also, you are right that Latoria, Karna, and Eresh will blow both Santas out of the water. But they are 5 stars. Santa Alter is a a four star and is mainly competeing with Astolfo who is in the same tier (and should be a tier higher as well).


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Both are welfare and imo just used for farming purpose.
But saber lilly are the only welfare aoe saber.

Santa alter has Ishtar as a rival, both of them are aoe np with welfare status. Besides ishtar rider, we also have mordred rider (and imo astolfo rider) that also made santa alter placement a bit low.

Lilly is up there because she doesnt have a rival as 4* welfare saber.