Saber lily with FP

I got her with 90K FP.
I just wanted a 5th copy of euryale wth is this luck


another one

Congratulations for geting Lily, She is the second rarest thing in the FP gacha


I wonder if DW will add more welfare servants into Japan’s FP gacha at some point.


Considering that Lily’s relatively unique on account of her having 3 star stats despite being a 4 star…
I doubt it.

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I have dropped insane amounts of FP, never seen a Lilly. Sad that I haven’t seen more Angry Mango dupes tho. Come on :mango:. Just 2 more! I even hot Bond 10 with you recently!

She is? When I first started playing JP I got 3 copies of her in 2 days and that was in a tiny amount of FP used (around 20k)

You were lucky, but She’s isn’t as rare as Angra Mainyu but still rare, we don’t know what rate she have but is theoretially high

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She’s unique on account of being the only welfare to not need an exclusive material to ascend

That’s why they can put her in the FP gacha

Never realized that before…