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Aaaand the final Shimousa writeup done. I saved the best for last, our super Master, Sitting EX himself!

He eluded me for so long on JP, only to finally snatch a copy of him during a whimsical roll on the last day of a certain Event last Srping. I love the whole idea of this Servant, and he has an awesome kit to dig into. Any Arts connoisseur (of which I know are many of you) should be delighted to add his kit to their team.

Of course, the upcoming period has a few fan favorites, any he is not exactly, uh, what’s the word, female. Regardless, I hope some of you will try him out and try to get him. I would…if I had quartz on NA.


But he is a badass old man any good jrpg has that one badass old dude that everyone loves well at least most tales games do


His nicknames section lacks “Sitting EX”, but that’s just a personal nitpick :P

I know, but due to the spoiler-code I was afraid of breaking something, so I refrained from adding it a few minutes ago. Will try to amend that later once I have some clarification.


Same. Sadly, all my SQ are sitting in wait for Dere Dere Rin.


I am interested although having Bride means he’d be splitting duty with her often and with other holes in my roster that need filling, it lowers my prio. Still, I am going to roll a little for Raikou so maybe he’ll turn up then.

He is one of my biggest favourites in the entire game, saved up for about a year just for him!


The only reason I’m not skipping Shumousa. I have him on JP as well (Ooku banners were the best) but lack the support tools (2030s, supports that aren’t Mash and Hans) to really use him. Can’t imagine how clutch he’ll be with Sherlock and CasGil. :)

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Do you actively play JP. Or just use it to get a feel of JP only servants?

Slick dude. Easily the neatest kit of the Shimousa crew IMO, would eagerly train up mats allowing.

But if it’s a skip for even Shuten as I’m skipping Shimousa wholesale, he has no chance of specifically being rolled for.

Just to get a feel for the servants.

I have Kama and np2 Kiara on that account though so I really should pay more attention to it.

I’m just awful at saving up my quartz + the main story is so long I haven’t even completed it yet. I’ll probably sit down and knock it out on a snowy day and renew my dedication to a second account.

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Strangely enough, as someone who generally only cares about female servants (though not as fervently as some), Sitting EX did elude my interest at first. Then I looked into him and, wow, he’s pretty badass, both in terms of design and character.

I genuinely look forward to rolling for him, so much so that he’s superseded my interest in rolling for the two waifus I had originally inteded to focus on (but Setsubun being a thing kinda helps…)

My Arts team has just been dying to take advantage of him for months now. Can’t wait!

Better be Tier 1 as long as Saberlot is there too…~


I’ve been waiting for this!!

I gave the analysis a read and I found it very solid and nabbed all of his major pros and cons.
I’m definitely going to roll for him (two weeks until his solo rate-up… :catsupine:) and I’m very excited for his banner :cat:


I hope you get him! :D


“Nonetheless, this Master of the blade has one terrifying sitting posture.”

Best part about his write-up. Love it.

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this old man is probably gonna be the biggest tempter of my abby stash


Chapter 6 got me laughing pretty good. I might have to spare a couple of tickets for him just because of that even though I already have saberlot and bride maxed to the gills.

I’ve already got saberlot so I’ll hold off on the old man

I don’t know why I have the urge to roll for him and Danzo,whichever happens to come. I have Bride but no saberlot. Trying to save for melt or Hokusai after Merlin laughed me off but I kinda like those two for some reason,not through the whole story granted.

Well, since you have Bride, you don’t need Sitting EX, but it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, and Bride Umu would complement him pretty well. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple excellent sabers.

Though, saving for Melt and/or Hokusai does raise an issue, since they’re likely going to take more quartz. Saber being an SR does help though, so if you get super lucky, that works out really well.