Saber of Empireo spoiler

The listed name and page title for [this servant] have been changed to his True Name, to match how the game treats him, but his writeup still refers to him exclusively as “Saber of Empireo,” which is a pretty hefty spoiler for Shimousa.

The Walkthrough and Boss Guide do the same, and in my opinion it’d be better to use his True Name at least for the “Spoiler-Free Walkthrough.” I know that once you open a Boss Info spoiler box you’re kind of asking for it, but calling him Yagyu in the Walkthrough at least leaves a few different possibilities for why you might be fighting him.

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Yeah, I agree. Really shouldn’t have been put forth as Saber of Empireo from the start. Need to ensure consistency across all the posts.

I like to say that it’d be hard to envision anyone else but him as Saber, but hindsight is certainly playing a factor in that.

Let’s summon @Sizzle as a Ruler of Writeups.

We’ve been in full crunch mode for Halloween! I’ll sort this out once I get a moment to breathe.


Fair enough, and thanks for your dedication.

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