Saber Wars 2 - Dark Rounds Shadow cq teams

Surprised there wasnt a topic for this cq. These topics helpful for people who lose the battle multiple times and looking to try different teams. What teams did you guys used and in which order defeated the enemies?


The no-brain way to do it is native or borrowed Space Ishtar with personal damage CE and a reasonable amount of team damage CEs and support.

If you get turn 1 NP or crit formation, reset. Unless RNG is really bad, losing is hard.


I rolled in with my np3 maxed ishtar with 2 wavers, 1 merlin, a Hans and a Billy. Total of 400-450% powermod

My only strategy was to kill tristan and gareth asap because that buff removal spam is worse than the rng gimmick and pierce invul is inconvenient. Had to block Tristan with illusion and let gareth kill a waver.

Really rng and Tristan will decide the run. I had one “hit with NP” on a turn with just waver and merlin’s NP, and luckily one “hit with crit” on the turn my billy had a 90% card.


I finally just beat this CQ. Aside from a few attempts that failed because I made mistakes, I had really bad RNG. :fgo_astolfo:

My winning team:

Waver, Archer Gilgamesh (level 100 and NP5 with the damage CE MLBed), Merlin, Mash, Skadi, and a support Space Ishtar I ended up not using.

Merlin had Bestia del Sol MLBed, and Waver had a bonus copy that I got from a quest drop. Mash had MLB Divine Princess of the Storm but ended up surviving, so that didn’t matter. :fgo_gilgalaugh:


For me, my NP2 Space Ishtar, Mash, Arjuna Alter Support, Medea Lily, Euryale, and Nero for the final hits.
Note I did end up using the full party revive. Tristan just wouldn’t go down, so went into the second half with my frontline not having their NPs ready. One guess what happened next.(That part of the fight mostly involved busting down those two till their break bar broke.)

After that, Gawain wipes my team, and they have to then deal with an Euryale at 100% NP charge. Bedivere died shortly after and their formation ended, so no more defense reduction. End result was not an NP, but Euryale bapping Gawain with her harp/bow.

Also, I’m back… Padaru. Now hand over thy luck, I want MHX before the event ends and I can save for Skadi/do the lost belts. All of them. (Wasted my luck rolling for Event CEs, got 2 Ishtar and another Fran for NP4.)


Borrowed Godjurna (NP2) with MBL damage CE, Native NP1 Jarcher with MBL damage CE, Waver, Merlin, Mash and uh…Arash with support CEs (I was hoping to never actually see Arash come up).

Had to burn a command seal to get Godjurna’s NP on turn 4 since he was at 65% and I was not risking it. That left just the two sabers to clean up, which was done with Jarcher’s NP and Godjurna’s card damage. Things nearly fell apart when damage dealers died around turn 10, but at that point I only had Gawain with 80khp left on the field, so Mash and Arash have heroically facecarded him to death.


I just used Godjuna and won. Real easy.

I used the * Space Ishtar and Double Skadi + Waver 3T comp that was linked on GP from the Eli bounty quest on both the CQ’s. Naturally RNG decided to be a bitch and gave me a lot of crit requirements to break their formation but since this wasn’t Gilfest and I could actually use my CS to revive I just sighed a lot and I beat it eventually.

I’m also saving this for other quests when I’m feeling stuck and the event CE’s line up.

Support was Skadi.


Breaching Into The Infinite and Final Frontier - Saber Wars II Discussion Thread - #318 by Salter_Rankup_when

Salter with Merlin/Waver support Merlin, Gong & George helped. Really Tristan’s Critique to his the King will make or break the run. That and the inopportune NP/crit gimmick.


Full story:


No KScope, so Gong shenanigans to maximize DSS SpIshtar. Instead, went for the DSS ZLot comp also listed.
Backline was Mash-Euryale-Artemis, which was strong enough to unga bunga through Gawain and Bedivere without too much issue.
I went in expecting some really hellish Gilfest-style gimmick fights, but it turns out 300% powermod on everybody is enough to power through most of the Def buff, and I got pretty lucky with the formation buffs.

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DSS Dantes + Mash for taunt did it for me on my second try. Had a Gil in the back just in case but ended up not needing him, took 10 turns and 4 Dantes NPs in total. MLB damage CE on Dantes, double MLB Bestia on Skadis and Bestias on all the other servants as well.

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I CS revived

Idgaf with this one


borrowed a lv100 Space Ishtar from my FL and CS revived


Spishtar did most of the job by herself, then Gawain conveniently wiped everyone out with his NP, letting BASAKA 1v1 him.


One thing to note is that Space Ishtar is not just useful for her powermod and strong neutral damage, but also for her NP type change. If you need a quick card to break the formation and one didn’t come up, you might be able to change Space Ishtar’s NP to quick in order to satisfy the requirement. Sure, that wastes a lot of damage, but it may help you survive.

First I tried with Arjuna Alter, double waver, chen gong and Merlin. Didn’t want to think too much so I used a CS revive and, well, AA died from a crit… After a few more tries I ended up resorting to Ishtarin going BRRRRR:

I fucked up the NP switching in the middle of the fight (SpIshtar with three quick buffs but I used Arts NP…) and missed an opportunity of obliterating the three first knights. After that RNG fucked me over and I had to break formation 4 times via NP. In the end I won but barely… :fgo_spaceishtarwut:


I went in completely expected to CS revive (and then fail, which is why I apple a bit, to give this a shot and have time for 3 CS regen), but I guess bringing 4 SSRs is useful :fgo_insane:


5DPSs, 2CSs for fill battery + 1 CS for fill HP, 1 SQ for revive :fgo_gudako: :catroll: :fgo_bblaugh:


Double Spishtar + SKadi+Jane+George+Anderson… EZ clear…