Saber Wars - Altrium Grind

Okay, so I did some calculations and I’d like if you guys double-checked me.

I have been lazy-grinding the event, since I don’t really need any of the resources aside of Feathers, and I already bought those out. With that, I have a little over 300k Altrium at the moment.

According to my calculations, when running the daily nodes with maximum Altrium bonus (so: Lily, support Lily, Nero, Alter, and two other sabers, as I don’t have X, which adds up to +200%), the remaining dailies would give exactly 295300 Altrium, which means that with the bonus it would add up to a little under 900k. This means that by the end I should have in the ballpark of 1200k of the stupid space idiot hair thingies in total, which still leaves me 800k short for the Lore.

The Super Dimension node that unlocks tomorrow should drop around 7k Altrium on average, but because the final boss is X as an Assassin, it means that in order to 3T the node, a strong Caster is more or less required, plus support, meaning that we would be talking about a +100% bonus at best. That’s around 14k Altrium per run. Based on the highly complex mathematics equation of 800/17, it would mean that I would have to run the node around 47 times to get that Lore at the end. The thing is, I don’t remember this event being quite that grindy the first time it came around. Is it my memory that’s faulty, or is it my math?


Your memory is faulty, it really was that bad.

No, it was actively worse, by leagues. No Merlin, no Lily buff, dramatically smaller roster in general, either Okita or Fergus and either Scathach or FSN Cu (Karna’s flimsy and lacked his buff don’t forget), fewer good F2P CEs (we literally didn’t even have Sumo yet remember)… and on and on.


Quite grindy last time I’m afraid. Doesn’t feel as bad this time to me (but helps having more and better sabers plus starting with damage CE’s) but it will still take work to get that lore. I’m hoping just mlb bloom on sanzang and SoA on as many others will be enough to topple the big boss… Because I want to stuff as many sabers as possible in to climb faster. Just got to 0.5 mil myself after 3-4 gapples I think. Probably won’t touch apples again until super dimension node opens since natural ap will let me get enough tubes for the last fou card, which is the last thing I planned on buying.

But if I get bored I might buy the blooms for for ce bombing purposes…

Ah, but she has the traits Arthur, Altria Face and Dragon, making Mordred, MHX and Siegfried great options for wrecking her. :fgo_buster:


If my number crunching is correct I can guarantee a 3 turn with a 60% bonus :sob: or a less reliable 90%.
The second can either extend at turn 1 and/or turn 3.
Lanling or a ranked-up Bride would have been useful to prevent the bonus from dropping this far.

… I must say that I’m actually glad that I missed the original run.
I wouldn’t want to try to climb that ladder without all of these new servants.

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Oooh! Didn’t think about that. Got np2 Mordred plus a np1 Siggy…forget sanzang, more altrium bonus! (at least until I see how it goes)

I’m going to use my NP3 Siegfried and probably borrow a Mordred or MHX.

You know three turning the node is not necessary?


Hah, I’m 10-turning Galaxy :stuck_out_tongue: No NP charge on the CEs, no servants with NP batteries…

Also, no Mordred, Sieg, or MHX…

This is why 1M is my target on this event.


No, but it’s potentially a very welcome QoL adjustment, after all.

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I’m proud to say i haven’t used a single gold apple on this event. I figure if i finish the altrium ladder i finish the ladder if i don’t i don’t and i’m not going to sweat it otherwise.

Good attitude to have. Me, I just don’t want to leave the lore unobtained. And I am finding that using my sabers with these damage bonus CE’s is waaay more fun than grinding the lore out of the chocolate ladder

Depends on what your priorities are. In my case, it’s minimizing time-investment. Let’s say that a solid 3T team can beat that node in about 4 minutes (based on my average 3T clear times in older events), including loading times. Running the node 47 times, as detailed in my opening post, would mean three hours’ worth of straight grinding.
Do the same with a “normal” team comp, and one clear can easily reach 10 minutes, or possibly way more due to bad draws, failed crits, and other time-wasting shenanigans. That would push the required grinding time over at least 8 hours, time I could be spending much better, such as resting, or writing, or doing anything else than banging my head against the same node for several extra hours.

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Kinda depends on the situation. The best efficiency is the highest amount of Altrium in the least amount of time. So depending on the Altrium rate you get from a 3-turn strategy compared to a longer turn strategy it might be more efficient to do fewer longer-turn battles than more short-term battles or vice versa. I’m not gonna calculate it, I’ll just try to find a decent strategy that I’m fine with using repeatedly. Just pointing out that to calculate efficiency it’s not as simple as always meaning the fewest turns possible.

Did you call me ?



That’s kinda tempting for me to try with my level 80 Medea actually, I’ll have to experiment a bit to see what’s my preferred setup. Event damage bonus CEs are good civilization. :fgo_goodciv:


Well @Meta_Cat that worked great! Trick is charging nps before killing all your mobs.
Np1 Siggy (mlb SoA), np3 Siggy support (mlb bloom), np2 Mordred (mlb bloom) with new mystic code (lvl 4 for now) and 2 more SoA in back left a mere 100k on heroine z. The 300% oc on Mordred really makes a difference.

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Sanzang felt important for a moment. Headpats.


Caster? Who need Caster when you have Grailed Mecha-Eli (Mk. II)? She can clear that 1m hp in one NP.

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To be fair, the single-target Sabers can do the job quite well, too. Casters and AEs just fill the screen with even bigger and more orange numbers :slight_smile:

After doing another flex run (Ilya 2m in one NP…fun times) I settled on Musashi to retain more Altrium bonus. Can be as quick as 4T if card draws are favorable since she can fill her entire NP gauge with her unique gimmick and Bride’s support. Z typically has less than 100k left after the NP and is finished by the following face cards.