Saberlot vs. Yagyu



So, I know in the future there’s gonna be an exchange for one SR for free, and by then I would like to get myself an Art Servant since I don’t really have anyone right now (I have to put Tamamo in VIP room until she got someone to pair with lol). One of my picks is going to be Saberlot, but then I realize that Yagyu is also another Art ST Saber with nice kits, and I also heard he’s quite high on tier lists in JP.

Can anyone give me a comparison between these two Art ST Sabers? Is Saberlot still relevant in the far future, or is Yagyu a better pick?

P/s: I’m gonna try my luck rolling for Yagyu when Shimosa comes, but just in case RNGesus doesn’t bless me.


It´s up to who do you like more as a character tbh. Both of them are still very viable for their art spam/crits.


They’re both very relevant! Saberlot used to be the premier 4* Arts Saber, but he’s still really strong even if Yagyu usurped some of his spotlight. The main difference kinda boils down to playstyle; Yagyu has much, much stronger defensive utility than Saberlot, but Saberlot has higher offensive consistency. If you’re going for a fastburn all offense team, Saberlot will probably serve you better. He’s also more self-sufficient on the offensive side. On the other hand if you don’t feel like being completely reliant on supports for defenses, or want really powerful defensive tools in general while still having fairly powerful offenses, Yagyu will do.


Unfortunately, Yagyu won’t be on the 4* ticket exchange. He’s also story-locked, so you’d better get him on his rate up because he’s not gonna spook you outside of the Chaldea Boys banners.

(Those Shimosa banners are the dark horses of 2019. Musashi/Tomoe/Hozoin on one, Raikou/Shuten/Yagyu on the other. So good.)

I have np2 Yagyu on JP and he’s pretty underwhelming outside of dedicated arts comps. Saberlot is just so self-sufficient that he’ll never be usurped; throw Golden Sumo or Holy Night Supper on him and his kit does the rest. Make stars—check. Attract stars—check. Crit hard with stars—check. Arts boost on NP just to hit extra hard? Check. NP loopable with Arts crits? Check. Stackable debuffs on a spammable NP? Also check.

Remember: Yagyu’s existence doesn’t invalidate Saberlot, just like how Arjuna (despite the hate) is still a really good AoE Archer even though Ishtar/Gil/Tesla are better.