Sableye in GL

I have one available to use. Does anyone have experience of using one? How has it been for you? What do you have in the rest of yhe team?

I have a really good one, with Return/Foul Play and I always bomb with it for some reason. The little gem goblin just can’t seem to stick the landing, but it’s ranked pretty highly and maybe others have had greater success. He’s benched for now.

I don’t have a good one to use, but the main team is Bastiodon, Sableye and Medicham. Here’s a link to with some teams.

GL Teams

I had a Sableye before the Shadow was released and used it with Bastiodon and Medicham. It was quite an expensive team to make even pre-XL. Then the Shadow was released and XL candy and while I have a good purified Sableye and Bastiodon and Medicham with IVs for XL I just didn’t enjoy the team enough to invest even more Stardust.

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I like it and think it’s the best safe swap (together with Medicham). It pairs well with everything not weak to fairy, dark is a bit of a problem as well of course. Steel is of course an option, but also fighters and fairies such as azu.
It is not easy to use though, there are tons of strategies, so be prepared to take some losses if you’re not using one of the standard teams suggested above. It’s a lot of shield, timing and energy saving stuff involved.
Oh, and of course you’ll need return for the best outcome

Probably a bit dull ‘last year’ for most here but I landed a #52 Purified Sableye in January and paired it with Gunfisk and Altaria for a fairly swift rise to 20 and a way above. I didn’t have a Medicham at the time and I found Bastiodon a bit boring.

As I don’t ever break into even the middle ranks, I suspect such a predictable team would do badly further up the tiers.

Thanks to all for the input.

I’ll have a think about it for next season. I’m level 20 now with no great ambition to push to a higher level. Next season, I’m happy to give it a go if it gets me to level 20 quicker than my current team.

Sableye is amazing, it is withouth doubt the best safe switch in great league, and for sure a go to investment.

I personally love it, it’s hard for me to make a great GBL team and not include sableye because it can cover a lot of holes and it’s a universal safe that goes with everything.

It is sort of technical to use in terms of energy management, but if you have a team of A + B that cover each other very well and you have to win switch to get the match, sableye tends to be the best option available. That’s why you see a lot of teams like: bastiodon/medicham, gunkfisk/grass, azu/gunkfisk, nidoqueen/scrafty, swampert/skarmory, walrein/trevenant… all work wonders with sableye in the middle.

It’s been a staple during go championships so far, will probably be in the champions team, just because only a handfull of things can stop it cold, and that makes it the perfect glue pokemon to put teams together.

Now the bad part. You’ll want it to have return, so a purified one will almost always be better than a not purified, and despite not been essential, it has a lot of matches that are IV dependant. You can use it not taking this both things into consideration, but given sableye is such a heavy dust and candy investment…

Mi advice, give it a try!! It wont dissapoint.

I only just got mine to 1441, the XL grind is so real. I did recently try it with Salazzle and got some good results, but needs something thicc in the back like Serperior or maybe Blastoise or something.

Everything @TulipsRenegade said, I use a good IV purified one and he’s amazing for the safe swap. Other than a charmer, he’ll fight everything and let them know he was there. I’ll invest both shields in to him on the insta safe swap if necessary to get the swap advantage back, he can flip that bad lead matchup regularly.

I run the all XL Basti Medi Sabi team when I’m trying to win and not playing with spice. Yes XL Sable is a big investment, do it imo.

Trying to figure out what a good third might be on a Licki Sable team, have a very expensive XL Licki I ought to use more. Probably just Medicham with Licki in the lead but any thoughts anyone?

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