Sacred stones routes

Alright so the question for today is
Which route in sacred stones do you think is better
Not which character you like/hate more, but which route is better in your opinion

  • Eirika route
  • Ephraim route

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Eirika route has better story IIRC
Ephraim route has harder difficulty


Ephraim’s is easier in hard mode, as the enemies don’t scale quite like the monstrous ones do. Eirika’s route has more unique maps and more interesting enemy mixups. It also has 1 more attainable promotional item (not super important I know, but still).

Edit: why do people think the boat map is hard? Serious question? I’ve never lost a unit on it. Never had to even try really.

You never know maybe the units you built up were better for that map?

I liked both routes personally, but story is always important to gameplay

Mmmh, I always play Eirika’s route but Ephraim’s is objectively better.

I mean, Lyon in Ephraim’s route >>>>>>>> Lyon in Erika’s route