Sacrifice L.Chrom +spd!?

I decided, contrary to my calculating style, to gamble on blues on the 8% with about 150 orbs left after pulling Y.Tana. Went up to like 10.5% and broke it on two incredible IVs, Chrom +spd -HP and Thrasir +atk -HP. I was actually looking for either Selena or some uninteresting IV of Chrom so I could feed Jorge CC + lull atk/def in one go. Now I’m in an awkward situation.

  • Jorge’s main job is going to be arena. Some possibility I use him on AR-D, but that’s speculative, and definitely no plans to use him on AR-O at the moment.
  • I want to use Jorge in PoL some time in the future. CC, time’s pulse, deadeye, probably NFU. I’ll try to get a friend list L.Chrom as an alternate in the brigade. Python is one of my targets for merging, and I figure I can find a second green bow in the friendlist (Rath? If all else fails maybe I’ll just build him myself).
  • I’m giving him my only Shinon once I finish getting Shinon’s HM in a few days. Deadeye + time’s pulse.
  • It’s not clear to me how I’m going to get Jorge lull atk/def if I don’t sac some L.Chrom. I don’t even have Duessel or P.Vero to sac, and if I pulled either of them once I’d probably try to hold to the unit because they’re very useful on AR-D. That leaves duo Ephraim and Dimitri, and who knows when either of these will rerun? I never thought I would regret passing up duo Ephraim on the hero fest.
  • Even if I could build Jorge using two other units, it seems a lot more efficient to sac a single L.Chrom. Pulling the lull atk/def fodder alone would probably cost more than pulling my second L.Chrom, assuming Chrom reruns with other units I want; if I want even one of the other two units I just about break even compared to pulling a single lull atk/def fodder. (Unless they’re going to put lull atk/def in ephemera?)
  • I have Julian to fodder, but I don’t get what Jorge is doing with the spd on a lull. If he had NFU that would be one thing, but a lull gets him to the mid 30s, which seems to change no matchups. I’d rather sac Julian for a unit that will actually use the spd (like, Python, even).
  • L.Chrom I want mainly for GC but maybe also for AR-D. The point is that I can survive without him.
  • I can’t figure out whether I prefer +atk or +spd without merges (which is how I’m going to use him), but either way, if I pull Chrom again he’s almost certain to come with a significantly worse IV. +spd -def is almost the same thing, but neutral is significantly worse.
  • I want Jorge at max score minus a merge and probably the double rally ASAP. I need him for AA score, and even if not for that my current arena core is a bit incompetent. Nowi, Fae, and Felicia just don’t cut it right now; Fae is on axebreaker and Nowi and the bonus unit are doing most of the fighting. I don’t know how I’ve managed to make it work these last two months. If I’m only waiting for Jorge’s GHB rerun (that will make him score high enough for AA; I can just use some filler A-and B-skills until I pull Chrom again), I’m sacrificing about 15-21 coins for Chrom’s IV. If that was all, I would say it was a good deal, but I’m also sacrificing his arena usage for four months, and I’m not sure that’s worth 4 points of spd on Chrom.
  • If I don’t sac Chrom now, I have no knowledge of when Jorge becomes arena-ready. There’s no reason I can be sure that I won’t fail to pull Chrom when he reruns in September or that he shares with units I don’t want. I’m going to have to deal with L.Claude and L.Sigurd for months without the member of the new arena core who’s supposed to deal with them.

Basically, it seems to boil down to this: which will I choose? L.Chrom +spd for, like, ever, and an arena-usable Jorge at an unknown time in the future, or a usable Jorge starting in 2-3 days and then L.Chrom (whom I can live without) with probably 4 less spd (and possibly 3 less atk too if I pull -atk the second time) somewhere down the line?

I want to hear what people have to say about this.


I’m clearly all for sacrificing premium units in favor of merge projects, especially if they need the fodder for Arena or something and the premium unit itself isn’t a project as well.

As you said, foddering Chrom and Shinon alone would also be most efficient. I’d also imagine I’d prefer +Atk if at low merges.


Speed Chrom requires a lot of investment to make him work. He’s much better at +10. I wouldn’t try to make an unmerged L!Chrom have high speed. My L!Chrom is +10 and +Atk, which I actually think is better than speed L!Chrom.

So, I’d fodder him unless you’re likely to get Lull Atk/Def from another source. If so, do that. Otherwise, fodder L!Chrom.


I think go ahead and fodder. Speedy chroms really need merges and investment to work properly, so for low merges and budget, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend +spd.

Besides this seems like very efficient fodder, given Jorge needs CC+lull atk/def, and this would have to come from two seperate sources which is much less efficient. And he’s great with the fodder so yeah.


Unmerged Chrom is better then fully invested Jorge.

I wasn’t ambitious with Chrom’s spd; the idea was mainly that if I stack swift sparrow he can double slow units, which might have 30-32 spd in upper infernal if they’re merged and pre-Book IV (because that when units with 18 spd started becoming more common), also that I could be secure about these units not doubling him. Remember, his number one job in my barracks is GC.

@Allan_Frawley for damage output and for the assist, yes, but not for a variety of other functions. Merged Jorge is way tankier than unmerged Chrom. 7-10 points higher in all three defensive stats, and a few points of extra spd to dodge an extra double here and there. If he got def or res smoked he would still be tankier (assuming Chrom manages to get his penalty neutralization off). Plus, it’s harder to get instant deadeye retaliations on Chrom. It would require pulse support and spiral, and those are skill slots that could go into Jorge’s atk (ex: if Jorge is using lull def and a teammate uses joint drive atk instead of infantry pulse). Also, Jorge buffs teammates’ atk.

All of that is probably secondary because I’m chasing AA points for extra coins. There’s no ambiguity about which unit scores better.

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