Safeguard+ or Barrier Blade+ on a mixed tank Laslow?

Since I have him at 5* already and a few copies in the barracks I thought about building him once I do finish my other merge projects (Sophia, Lachesis and Linus). I’ve been thinking about making him into a mixed tank thanks to his decent def and workable res. I already slapped Safeguard+ on him quite a bit of time ago so that’s no problem, and Barrier Blade+ is in the 3-4* rarity pool.

With Safeguard+ he can get 50 def and 40 res, while Barrier Blade+ gives him 43 def and 47 res and I’ve been thinking about which would be a better option for him. Also if you’d change anything in these builds let me know.

  • Barrier Blade+
  • Safeguard+

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Barrier Blade or Safeguard?

Atk Smoke


Barrier blade, for a more balanced tanking stats than have def be way higher than his res.


I chose Safeguard due to having a harder hitting special. Either one works fine though.


Barrier Blade+ is cheaper… way cheaper.

Barrier Blade if you’re going for a mixed tank build. Gotta try and improve Laslow’s magic tanking abilities, too!

mixed bulk is a fraud so I’d say safeguard