Saias in Hall of Forms

I’m building Saias in the on-going HoF and I was wondering what was the best special for him between Blue Flame and Ruptured Sky.
The first requieres him to be adjacent to other allies while the second is reduced by his Prf and doesn’t have the best synergy.
So, what do you guys think? Should I keep Blue Flame or Ruptured Sky?

  • Blue Flame
  • Ruptured Sky

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If you’re going to run a 3-cooldown special, you might as well run iceberg as it’ll probably do around 20 damage (full investment Saias) and doesnt require the spacing that Blue Flame does. I’d take ruptured sky because at least he can proc it more often even if it doesnt synergize perfectly with his weapon


The value of either one over cheaper specials is just scoring. Moonbow and Luna are better 2- and 3-cool down specials, respectively. Ruptured Sky doesn’t have an adjacency requirement and has a 2-cool down, so it’s better.


I’ve heard Ruptured Sky called inferior to moonbow more than once and I don’t see the reason. If anything it’s a better moonbow. It scores 12-15 damage against squishy ranged units and double the damage boost against dragons and beasts. If the opponent has 50 def, moonbow grants 15 extra damage, which Ruptured Sky would need 75 atk on the opponent to equal. It probably won’t get there, but it will only be behind by 1-2 points because opponents with 50 def rarely have less than 60 atk and often have more than 65. That’s a tiny price to pay for the benefits. The main reason why we don’t replace moonbow with Ruptured Sky is because it’s expensive.

Anyways, about Saias, I think it depends on the rest of the build? In the absence of other information, I tend to agree with the others. He has player phase potential (which isn’t conducive to being adjacent); he might want to stand apart from the group so that ranged units can’t fire at the unit behind him.

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Thank you all for your comments and votes.
I picked Ruptured Sky yesterday, so thanks for making the decision easier.
Sadly, I can only give the solution checkmark to 1, so I’ll pick the first one.
I’ll close the poll now.

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Btw, here’s my set right now:


Today I found Harsh command+ and Pulse Smoke 3 on the same batch


So, with my actual set, and hoping to use him both in Arena and AR, which is the better assist and C?