Saiyan / Super Saiyan team

Any improvements? Like who should be the units I bring in pvp?

The problem you have now is that SSJ2 Gohan, Majin Vegeta (SSJ2) and SSJ3 Goku dont get any buffs from SSJ Vegeta and SSJ Bardock as they only boost regular SSJ (so not SSJ2 or SSJ3 pr higher)

And SSJ2 Gohan gets no buff at all. So if you choose to do a Saiyan team, try to find more that boost just Saiyan and then swap out Gohan for a Saiyan as he is Hybrid-Saiyan.
If you choose to go for SSJ (Super Saiyan) then swap out the entire upper 3 for true Super Saiyans.

The other option is to go for a Son team. Then you can do as followed:

  • SSJ3 Goku (purple)
  • SSJ2 Gohan (red)
  • <Any Gohan character or SSJ Goten (purple) with legendary finish>


  • <all son family boosters and hybrid saiyan boosters, but none of the ones you have now>