Saizo build ya boy got lucky

Ended up pulling a late night yolo summon for Pent and finally got him. So I naturally gave Pulse Smoke to Saizo and this is going to end up being my final build soon. Any thoughts on it? Oh yeah he’s also supported by Legendary Roy so he gets super buffed by Human Virtue, Atk/Def bond and such.


sees Alm profil pic
sees not Alm SS

What have I done to deserve this/10

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I love Alm but Saizo needs Summoner Support more sadly lmao

I have a friend with a +10 Saizo in my list. Almost the same as yours but with Windsweep instead of special spiral. This Saizo kind of hard carries my infantry brigade through GC.

Yours seems better. So, yeah.

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I’m probably going to give him Watersweep one of this days. Hopefully my +10 journey wont be too long lmao

I have a much less invested CC Saizo whom I have a soft spot for and this one puts mine to shame. Nice job!

Smoke dagger is such a nice weapon but I wonder if he would do better with the killer dagger (barb shuriken) since you’ve gone with a special spiral build. Then you get infinite Bonfire. Plus it’s a nice nod that he carries his brother’s dagger.

Alternatively, Camilla’s dagger with turn 1 special spiral built in, would be nice. I think you are using him defensively because of CC/bond so I guess having a three turn cool down works because it will activate when he takes the hit. Camilla’s dagger would allow you to get that from turn 1 and then special spiral would continue it.

Though in either build you lose out on some of the extra effective defense that comes with the -6 attack debuff in the smoke dagger.

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My current build with him is the same but with Barb Shuriken actually until I get enough Stones for Smoke Dagger. But being able to Debuff all stats and specials with lower cooldown bonfires from SS seems just as good because he becomes harder to kill. But I’ll be switching between the two on and off depending on the situation. Thank you for the help I really appreciate it!