Salieri NP5. Will he become powerful servant?

I just got 5 copies of him from Extra banner. Should I max skill him?

If you use him, absolutely.

If you aren’t sure, then I’d hold off on the more annoying mats and the lores. It takes some big support to enable him since he has no battery and is fragile, so you need the right kind of team and CE to make him do his best.


Got him np5 on extra banner.
Now he is already grailed level 90.

He has a lot of potential in my opinion.
In a art team he is very strong, for a 3 star servanr.

I do really like him.

He is a little beast

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he has highest dmg as 3*, it’s so proud
Watch Salieri handle Fate/Apoc challenger quest and you will see he’s very strong
He lack class advantage. We can’t find ruler enemy node farm!? But in mixed node farm, he never get class disadvantage too.

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If you have better alternative for example jalter or gorgon which is quite satisfying in my opinion. Either both or one of them should be good. Unless you have edgylord

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If you have a strong art party, Salieri performs almost if not better than Gorgon in a buster team. In my opinion.

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I do believe grail is a must if you want to loop with him. There’s really no great reason to use a 3* no class advantage no battery farmer over your class advantage options if looping isn’t your thing. He is still pretty good though, not many 3* art servant can loop properly

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If feed with stars, Salieri loops.

I tryed that with a tamamo - Sherlock - Salieri

With 2x 2030

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With arts support being the way they are right now ( i mean that kurama lady) it’s quite unsatisfying when you compare with likes of other god-tier support like merlin and now available skadi(arguably) . Until that rank up (tamamo) i would not personally recommend it. Unless you have waver.

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I have Waver, thank god.

It’s thanks to him that i can run a double Waver Team (plugsuit) and easily 3T Ember nodes

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Well that’s good for you until that skill up arts support has to settle as the “just good for np loop” for now.

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That’s what i want to avoid.
I like Salieri a lot, i even grailed him to 90.

His damage is not high but not even low, probably on Lobo level i think.

But i refuse to have him as a servant only good for NP Looping.

I believe he has potential as a DPS too. It just that we need to work a bit around him.

It’s clear that he requires a team built around him.

Now the question is: what party composition is going to be more effective?

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He’s a little challenging to support outside of a comp that emphasizes his NP since he has low star weight and no gather skill. His passive star gen skill should probably be paired with 2030/4060 support, maybe a CasGil to boost active star gen and counter-balance the demerit on his NP.

On the looping side for those interested, Paracelsus’ upgrade benefits him hugely, but he still needs the full army of support and a plugsuit, and even then his damage ceiling is solidly sufficient for mid-level waves but short of comfortable wave 3 clear on nodes like the gunpowder and the steel ones (assuming NP5). Grailing him would definitely help, but it’s not worth it for gameplay when there are far easier options. Only for love.

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That’s why i found, for example in one of the memorial quests, that a viable way to use him and bypass his low star weight is simply bathing him in stars.

I did a Sherlock - Salieri - MHX composition with 2x 2030.

I created so many stars that all servants, Salieri included, recieved his share of stars.

I agree. I grailed him to level 90 purely for love.

I like how the developers potraied him in the game.


For Now stick with waver + tamamo/another waver + Mozart ( good for one time crictical blast & second best arts support skill) with your salieri but the alternatives defer based on need. For example add tank like Jeanne/George/Mash for stronger any enemies as well Star generation CE cuz let’s face it art based servant are not usually on the roll with critcal so Fragment it is but when they do, they shine the best.