Saltiest 5* pull in my entire life

My gambling addiction stopped me from saving for the future banners… I expected to get Raikou and this showed up:

Now I have spent all of the SQ that I saved for the entire month


>expect to get Raikou
>doesn't roll on Raikou's solo banner

Why do you hurt yourself?


Isnt it best to wait for a solo?


I believe on the Golden Hour thingy ;-;

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at least her NP is stronger now?

Shes got the good tea @ArtificialSky


Should I spend my remaining SQ on Raikou or should I just hoard it all until the Hokusai and Jalter banner? (give me some self-discipline tips as well pls)

  1. Who do you like more, Raikou or Hokusai/Jalter?
  2. When you roll on a shared rate-up, always expect to get everyone but what you want :catsupine:

Your going to have the same luck either way. (Un)fortunately, rolls are not determined by how much quartz you have.

Raikou is going to be much more useful in most situations than Hokusai (and arguably Jalter), but whichever character you like better should be your choice.

Welcome to the Shuten cult :fgo_megane:


why didn’t you just wait for solo raikou day?

You remember me.
The difference is that i wanted Shuten and got Raikou.
Did not wait for Shuten solo rate up and rolled on first day. (i colud not resist)

Now i have Shuten NP0 and Raikou NP7

I’ve learned a valuable lesson

This might sound harsh, but whoever rolls on a shared banner, even gets two copies of one of the rate up SSRs, has no right to be salty. You can only blame yourself and your impatience.
Sorry, but reading this just make me wanna puke.
Also, we already have a thread for sharing your luck (yes, luck) for your rolls:

Please refrain from creating unnecessary roll threads (when there’s already one in existence) just to whine or brag. Yes, in some eyes this might even count as bragging, tbh. Getting two SSRs or rather NP2 can be considered great luck. Whoever it is.


You got best oni, doesn’t look that bad to me.

I always try and think getting a 5* as a bonus, not something I’m aiming fully for.

4* are usually my goal, like Yagyu here.

Which is why I’m looking forward to the Achilles banner next year, since I’d love Chiron and Achilles

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This whole thread seems like a deja vu to me.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson from that, i hope OP will too

I wish I even could get 5* servants :frowning:


Cheapest way is GSSR, if you are so unlucky that rolling free quartz never give you a five star servant

  1. Roll for who you like the most, but if it’s a tie, remember that as far as we know, Hokusai only gets a rateup in January 2020, and then again in January 2021. Jalter gets these two and one more in May 2021. Raikou gets one during Setsubun (January next year), and one with KYOMAF (2020/09), but NA tends to skip/relocate these types of banners.

  2. Create a JP account just to roll free of guilt there, or play other gachas to satiate your roll hunger while you wait. I do both.

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Tried to roll for Raikou, even got a Rainbow Roll. Got Nightingale :joy:

I did get my Raikou, but with Shuten…the worst thing is keep seeing a gold assassin card that reveals to be Danzo