Salvageable Gerik?

Rolled a random Gerik! He’s one of my favorite characters from Sacred Stones, but, well…my enthusiasm didn’t last too long since he’s +HP/-Spd. :thinking: However, he does have Darting Blow 4 and I don’t have any sweep axe users yet…my main ones being Surtr, B!Ike and now V!Alm. A Speed bane really hurts him offensively though…and at the same time, he’s loaded with great skills–his Sudden Panic skill looks like mighty tasty fodder in particular.

Should I try to salvage this slower desert tiger, or turn him into a dessert tiger for one of my other heroes?

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I don’t know. Depends on whether you have someone in your barracks who desperately wants sudden panic, which is a highly situational skill, i.e. you need high hp and also not have a better B-skill.

I think that you don’t need to fodder him, especially if he’s your favorite character. A +hp IV will work well with his supporting skills (sudden panic and infantry pulse), so you can just give him a different axe and refine it for whichever stat you want - I’d say speed (alongside darting 4) for a more mixed phase approach and defense for an enemy phase approach. You’ll get +5 hp from that refine as well, so that’s a big win for his other skills (55hp is a lot).


I’d say Sudden Panic or Firesweep Axe


Save him until you find a use for him :feh_birbpeek:
Maybe you’ll never end up needing his fodder & can enjoy using him :feh_legion:

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Yeah, I’m gonna hold onto him. No one I have that can immensely benefit from Sudden Panic yet. Might get another Gerik so I can merge him up or fodder this copy if I get a better one later. :+1:

If you have any high hp supports, they can almost always run sudden panic extremely well, like Sylvia.

There’s pretty much no one who could use both firesweep axe and sudden panic though.

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