Samsung Galaxy S20+ connection problems with Go Plus/Dual Catchmon


Are there more players with an Galaxy S20+ that have bluetooth connection problems with the Go Plus/Dual Catchmon? My S20 does recognize the devices but keeps hanging on “can’t connect to the device”

Reported it to Samsung today.

More players with the same problem?
Any players that had the problem but fixed it? ( I triend resetting network/factory settings) but that didn’t work.

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Are other BT devices connected to your phone?

First, please tell me if it used to work and recently stopped or if it has never worked

Yes, i experience the same thing.

My laptop from work does connect with my Samsung S20 5G…

But my dual catchmon and Go Plus don’t…

Dual catchmon doesn’t pair at all.

there is an official report made through Samsung Members:

S20 (plus) does not connect with Pokemon Go plus and with Dual Catchmon. Bluetooth devices are recognized as such, however, when connecting, the message “cannot pair” appears immediately. Resetting the network settings / factory settings has no effect. Also the removal of the batteries with the Pokemon Go plus and the catchmon have no effect. It only occurs with the S20 (plus). No problems with other devices such as the S6 / 7/8/9 + and LG G6 and Motorola.

To everyone who has the same issue as me, please contact Samsung via Samsung Members and make the same report . The more people, the higher the priority and the quicker there will be an update (hopefully).

I’ve got the S20 and Gotcha works fine, so I guess the same mechanics are in play.

When I connect it though - and this has been key for me using my previous Galaxy and this new one for over a year - I click the button every second or so on the Gotcha while its connecting, and then it connects pretty much every time. Maybe once in a blue moon I need to remove it from devices and start over, but not often at all.

Didn’t work from the start.

Tried the Pokemon Go Plus/Dual Catchmon and Pokeball. None of them connect. They are al in the bluetooth list but all the S20+ does is show the message Kan niet koppelen/cannot connect.

Is your phone connected to any other BT devices? Sometimes one device makes that another device can not connect.

I have to connect Go Plus before I connected to my car because other wise around the Go Plus will not connect.

My phone is not connected to any other device. Even if I turn off all bluetooth devices(cut the power/remove batteries) and reset all network settings on my phone the problem continues.

Got a replacement phone. A new S20+. Same problems with the bluetooth.
So if you’re thinking about a new phone and want to use dual pokemon go plus or dual catchmon…