Samurai Times: 2020 at a glance and to a better 2021!

2020 has been rough on everyone, especially for those striken by depression and other psyche shattering ailments, but now its 2021, and I just might as well give a well give a synopsis on how 2020 was for me.

2020 started off with bright goals in mind and a dmile on my face, but 2020 have other plans. Covid 19 was a big factor in it, depression still hits hard especially at January because of depressing reasons, and just how everything turned out on 2020, especially at the last 3 months where it struck me down mentally and just made me a more angrier person.

But there was some good to come put of 2020, my first time being on GamePress was a fun experience, and some new game releases kept me entertained. Fate: Grand/Order was a nice new addition of stuff that can cut time for me right now. But, most of all, 2020 gave me a bit of hope for the future.

Maybe 2021 can truly turn my depression around and I can become a happier person. Maybe 2021 can become a golden bridge for me to step forward and help someone else overcome depression and forge a better future for them.

All I can say is; 2020 is just a thing of the past and no matter how painful it is to just cast it aside, just look forward to what 2021 can offer and maybe it’ll be a great year for all.

(Share your 2020 blues and good times alike, this thread is available for anything within reason.)

This is @Samurai-of-Inferno. Wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!


I think a lot of why I used to be so cringeworthy was in part to my anxiety of what was going on with the pandemic, past year.

I know, it’s not an excuse and I am sorry for acting the way I did, but thankfully with multiple vaccines being made to combat the coronavirus, I feel more hopefull