Sanzang event support setup help

since theres multiple servants that give different bonuses for same slots (for example arjuna ,euryale and David) is there any sorting to put one instead of another? or it is depends on the ces?

There’s actually even more support options for the re-run.


As far as which to put, it’ll obviously depend on a few factors. People mostly have their own 3 Stars, so they’ll probably prefer higher rarity bonus Servants if you have them, especially since options become more limited to gold Servants with the higher tier drops. The bonus CEs will definitely affect the choice, like you said. If it’s between two 3 Stars, people would prefer whichever gives more drops. So if you have a David who can drop one pork bun and a Euryale that can drop two lotus blossoms, people will probably gravitate more toward the latter.