Sanzang vs Circe

So I got spooked by Sanzang while rolling for MHXA, and what I want to know is this: does she outclass Circe? From what I can tell, they largely fill the same niche of instant np buster single target caster, and since I already have Circe at lvl 80 8/6/6, I’m having a hard time determining whether or not I want to invest the buttload of resources a 5 star takes into Sanzang

This is the second Sanzang spook on MHXA banner I see today I think.

Gratz for Sanzang I wish she spooked me already :fgo_permanentsleep:

I never tried Circe but after looking at her spells I can tell that Sanzang has way more damage ( 3k more atk without grail on any of them and more NP damage ) + she’s hot :fgo_rinlaugh:


Sanzang’s damage outclasses Circe. Probably even with NP1 Sanzang vs. NP2 Circe because of the interlude.

Circe’s overall support is still valuable—debuff cleanse and def down is nice.

Plus, Sanzang needs her battery maxed and even then doesn’t have the extreme CE flexibility Circe does.

But in terms of pulling out that NP, Circe is basically gated by her charge skill. Sanzang has good NP gain independent of her battery.

Tl;dr—Yeah, she’s essentially an improvement…unless you need to NP with BG, stall for a turn (or two), or cleanse debuffs on switch-in.


And also cheaper to 10/10/10, 180 Stake and 24 hearts for Circe, oof :fgo_davinci_coffee:


I’ve had sanzang for a year and got circe just after Christmas.

Sanzang definitely has better face card damage and np gain even with the gain up skill active. But during farming for phase 1 this event, I preferred circe. The area def down made it easier for DaVinci’s np to wiped out the adds, and I found the larger battery and piggification more useful in preventing cu alter from casting evade and/or killing someone than sanzang’s higher damage (since neither could outright KO him) and chance of not refunding 20% for b2b np.

However floor 100 of setsubun vs shuten, sanzang was on cool down so I used circe and both medeas. During shuten’s second bar when she started spamming skill seal and charm, circe was helpless to use her nifty debuff cleanse and continue the attack, where sanzang’s debuff immunity could have prevented the attacks from landing in the first place.

Both are great and I’d definitely level both, but I don’t think you have to rush it if you like circe

I don’t know much about Circe but the strong point of Sanzang is her ability to launch her NP two times if you can provide her a starting np CE.


Those were a mistake.

I hate to say it, but as much as I love Best Birb, Sanzang will completely outclass Circe in terms of damage. Circe packs some Support on top of DPS and has a 100% Battery, but I don’t think that is enough to put her over Sanzang.

circe is a qt, but ye Sanzang has way better damage. wish i had a Sanzang tbh

Sanzang is more comparable to Sheba, while Circe is more comparable to illya, if you know what I mean. :smile:



Circe does this but better.

Sanzang packs far more damage, and her NP gain is actually respectable. In return she loses Circe’s stunlock ability. Although Sanzang’s battery is smaller, it is still big enough to NP on T1 with BG/no-charge event CE and supports who provide charge (e.g. Merlin, Shakespeare, Waver).

If you only plan to use Sanzang as a beatstick, you just have to bother with her first skill which also happens to be her important charge skill. She may not be as terrible a mat sink as you think.

I’m a proud owner of Sanzang NP2 and I’ve gotta say that she’s probably one of the best casters when it comes to Damaging NP and her face cards weren’t bad at all with decent damage and generation stats.

Now about Circe, I don’t haver her, though I had her (underleveled) in my long forgotten JP account. Her stun is pretty valuable indeed and had proven to be really useful and life-saving in some situations, but other than that her damage wasn’t something to write home about.

When it comes to utility, both have good utility in their own right, whether it was preventing debuffs or just cleaning them and also boosting the team’s generation stats. However I find Sanzang to have better survival tools with her taunt plus damage cut, and it’s even more useful when playing a round CQs where you might just need a single NP and then leave like Arash, or maybe just give a little bit of time for your berserker to get Guts out of cooldown.

Clearly I’m biased but I feel like Sanzang just gives a little bit more in every aspect. And SSR stats to top it off.