Satisfying kills?

Have there been any moments where one of your units pulled off a kill, that just left you satisfied for a long while after? I know that’s the case for me, so what about others?

Now, most here know of my W! Cecilia, and how she’s my go-to unit for most things. However, as versatile as she is, she lacks the power to kill everything. For that, I leave my well-known AM! Corrin. He more than gets the job done.

Triangle breaking is fun

What's effective damage?

Not Corrin but still an honorable mention

It’s nothing impressive, but it’s just so satisfying somehow, Shield Pulse was a good idea on this guy

What about you guys?


Was doing some AR runs, and Yune took down another Ophelia.
That’s not very impressive, considering Yune is perfectly made for countering Ophelia, but it was still satisfying to see. :birbpeek:
I don’t hate Ophelia, she seems like a wonderful character & I would like to have her, but it’s nice to stomp on the meta once in a while :upside_down_face:

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That one moment when people think that they can survive my Alm as a blue unit.


Reminds me of how I only faced one Ophelia the entirety of last week :thinking:

Only time I did was the last battle, where I was already safely in position. She isn’t uncommon in tier 20 though… Still, that sounds fun :legion:

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And then he nukes them with Ignis :doublelion:

I had an image where I had B!Ephraim OHKO a H!Myrrh using Dragon Fang, but it’s not here anymore…

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I remember it being Idunn :thinking:

One second…

Not a kill but it was satisfying when this whaled +10 Sothis couldn’t double my Chrom despite Swift Sparrow 4.

My favorite has to have been this one (Christmas TT last year).

I also had my Seth take out Bector, but apparently I deleted the pic. (Blue Flame proc and Bector was wounded a little, so not a fave since I don’t remember how much).

There was one map for me where I was trying to play it all “strategic”, but I just couldn’t beat it. Then I tried throwing Nephenee in the middle of everything and it worked. Yeah the healers chipped her health down to 1 hp, but that doesn’t matter when everything deals 0 damage to her. I think it was a bound hero battle with Lucius in it.

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That moment when you realize you have no game breaking unit and you can hardly do stuff like this


No pictures or videos,but I remember an AR Defense where this person put a DC tank in range of my Laegjarn,but my Hinoka swooped in,took the kill,had her special ready,got danced and then,One-shotted a +10 + Def Surtr with Wary Fighter.

After the kill,the person just gave up,that was so funny to watch.

I can’t remember the last time any of my units got a kill

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Somebody sent in a maxed out CC Celica into my old AR Defense :thinking:
They got ORKOed by Winter Cecilia, and after that they just surrendered :upside_down_face:
I laughed for a couple seconds after that one.

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This always satisfies me every time I look at it. Surtr Menace what’s that, 20 chip damage… thanks for putting me into brazen+Vantage range.

It was only natural :feh_rein:


Sadly Winter Cecilia doesn’t fit on my AR Defense anymore :frowning:
But she served me well when she was. Great unit :birbpeek:

It was good while it lasted :legion:

Ok the topic of A!M!Corn
Help I have a +3 one and I don’t know what to do

Use him and have him nuke stuff