Save Friend Points Appreciation Thread

Much like the ‘Save Saint Quartz Encouragement Thread.’ For those saving for Angry Mango for the first time, another time, or just for the nice things that JP server already has that we will inevitably get in the future like command Codes and 4*/5* embers from the FP Summons. Here’s where you can share any goals you have in saving up FP.

Events, A certain target or just saving for the future of what’s to come from the JP servers. Discuss it all here.

I’m saving 1M FP for both when Command Codes come out 4*/5* embers are available and to try and get a copy of Angry Mango myself. I want to have the most things to fish for as possible to stop the massive amounts of Mana Prisms and QP I’m inevitably going to stock up on and not even that much for the latter. Who knows I might be able to fully ascend a low star Servant that’s on my long ‘to-wait’ list.

About 50000 or so FP to go.

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I’m at 1.3M and saving until 3rd Anni because I am incredibly lazy with it. I’ll spam some during Christmas 3 though. CCs and such are a nice bonus though.

As soon as i hit 1M FP i’ll probably use that to go at event CE’s at times but I’ll never go below that point until my two criteria are met.

I don’t care about the Mango, but I do about the various event CEs, upcoming command codes, and set of low rarity servants that’ll be here in about two years. Definitely has stopped me from spending them as I get them.

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To me he’s a novelty item. I’ll level him up, ascend him get his bond CE and then never use him again. And with luck I won’t have him actually hit the field either.

I just want the 4 star embers xD

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There’s five stars embers too.


Won’t say no to that xD

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WHEN. HOW MUCH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :fgo_illya::fgo_illya::fgo_illya:

… ahem. Nice. This is news to me.


@Drachy They’re both a thing.

Basically we will get them in the fp gacha
I can’t wait damn,i have to start saving

I don’t save much FP because I’m leveling CEs. I usually keep 100-200k for 3* Event CE fishing, and that’s it.

I usually get 3k+ per day from Friend Support, the rest I go crazy with lotteries to get.

Waiting for both Command Codes and the 4/5 star embers to be available in the FP gacha before i throw it all away just to see if i can get Angry mango or not.

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There arent a ton of a lower rarity things I’m after anymore. So guess I’ll save em.

Yeah, I heard about 5*, but never looked into them that much, nor would I ever have dreamed them being in the FP rolls.

This is legitimately enough for me to never roll a non-free summon again until this update comes out. Wow.

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Basically yeah
I ve been in ember hell for a while now
This is really a game changing update
Can’t wait

That’s the plan. xD Only thing i’m lacking in my three stars are some story limited servants for NP levels.

I don’t have any immediate need of CE Bombs (already leveled the ones I need to 60+ and have HNS at 100) so I’m also saving up for the common command codes and the Embers.

I have 250k at the moment and it’ll be sure to jump up once we hit the upcoming lotteries.

It “helps” that I don’t have any major, pressing reasons to spam FP now that I think on it, lol. Unfortunately three off from superscope (truly, being able to obtain more scopes/BGs is a good difference illustrator between F2Ps, and dolphins, and whales), and 3 off from MLB BG and almost at L40 anyway. If I lucksacked into either of those - mostly superscope though - I’d definitely be less lazy with the bombing but eh. HNS and GS are 100, AD will get there in time. Good as it is Art of Death can similarly wait, with how well I’ve gotten along regardless. Rest are more circumstantial.

Around 1.6mil.

Not saving for anything. I just forget to engage in the long engrossing process of leveling CEs until my CE box is full.

Wouldn’t mind Angra. He was a target when I initially started. Now I pray he doesn’t show up lest he uses up the little luck I have.