Save gems/mats or use


Hi. Do you guys save gems and mats to raise the skills of servants you will roll for or use them on servants you already have?
What do you do? Do you use the gems and mats right away or wait for better servants?


I try prioritizing. If the banner I wanna roll is close, then keep the mats in hope of getting the desired servant. If it’s far away, lvl up skills I really need on the servants I already have, then stockpile enough mats to lvl up skills of a desired but not yet owned servant. Plan. Look at event shops, hunting quests and event drop bonuses to come and decide if I can afford/want to lvl up some skills now. When I waited for Athur’s banner, I dutifully collected these freaking Proofs of Hero (HOW I HATE THEM!!!) even tho lots of other servants needed them too. When I got enough to level Arthur, I started spending excesses on other servants. Now I need more Proofs sigh so it’s time to collect them again even if I really-really want to finally make my Karna 10/10/10 :fgo_deadinside: Well, one day… Smth like this.

In your case, I’d roll for Gil, see if I get him, then consider leveling Chloe skills (how many gems you’ll be able to snatch from training grounds between Gil’s banner and Archuria’s one; if you get Gil - lvl up Gil). If you wanna be on the safe side, stockpile gems and other mats and level your servants then but the thing is, you’ll almost always need more mats. So it really comes to deciding which servants you use/need right now/in the nearest future and establishing leveling order from this perspective, I guess.


Uuuuh…I haven’t had this on my phone since the first week of January or anything…

I save in advance a lot though. Depending on the mat, the timing, and the servant I’ll do different things. Not every servant is necessary for 10/10/10 so I don’t always go full out. If something has an above average drop rate in an event or something I’ll farm it no matter how far out the servant is, unless a closer servant needs to take priority. But I do have most of my important skills either maxed or where I’m satisfied. I would say the important skills of any servant you actually own would take priority over playing the futures game. Unless it’s a top tier waifu, anything goes then. Maybe not if it’s game breaker stuff like saving pages for Merlin or something.


I tend to hoard because I am an indecisive lil shiz, but what I usually do is make sure my mats are never below a certain number. This ensures that if I have to emergency level up a Servant or their skills for an event or to complete a quest, the stuff is already sitting there. This served me well when I needed a David with at least a level 6 Harp of Healing for the Salter challenge quest.


I don’t get to save anything… EVER… cuz I’m constantly working on some Servant for every class, cuz I keep spending and rolling and it just never ends.
I always get so jelly when someone maxes out a new Servant the day the banner comes ouuuuut~~~~~~~

Whenever I can level up a skill for a Servant, I level it up, unless it requires a material that I’m saving up for another Servant (looking at you Octuplets)

It seems that I’m actually the rare case of a player who gets far too many SSRs and SRs in a short span of time, and thus end up spreading out hard-to-get materials like secret gems or hearts across a spectrum of Servants.

I’m not doing this to show off, but merely to display the fact that there is such thing as too many SSRs…

Since Halloween, I’ve hit a bit of a lucky streak.
3 Cleopatras, 4 Merlins, 2nd Scathach, 2nd Gilgamesh, 2nd Raikou, Tesla, Quetzalcoatl, Karna, Gorgon…
And so far this year, Musashi, Jack, Okita.

God… and SE.RA.PH is coming in May, and then Summer…
I actually have plans to NP5 Nero Caster this year too…

Damn my kleptomaniac tendencies. My farming can’t keep up!!

Oh my frickin’ GAWD!!! :rofl::joy::rofl:

Here’s my advice:

If you don’t roll as often as I do, save everything. And I mean EVERYTHING

Take advantage of Present slots and Second archives to store as many Embers as possible.

SE.RA.PH requires you that you finish Salomon, so if you’re still finishing the story, do so asap, but make sure to dedicate some AP to farm training grounds for classes you really need Gems for.

If you’re done with the story, spam farm. Do nothing else but farm.
Think of nothing else but farming. Your worthless piece of scum life has no other meaning than to farm.

Wake up in the middle of the night to clear out your AP if you have to. Take an extra long bathroom break while at work or class to run a quick 40 AP QP node.
That’s 3+ hours of AP regen right there that you can give yourself ease of mind to avoid a full AP bar, unless you’re like @ProtoArthur and have your AP bar at 2354% capacity.


Be like @tg345 and have a list of required materials as your phone background, so everytime you use your phone, you are reminded of how much farming you have to do.

If you finish farming for one Servant, plan for the next.

Cooking is no longer necessary. Eating is no longer necessary. Sleep is allowed, but not mandatory. School and work are first priority though. Looking for a relationship is no longer necessary, as is maintaining one. Going out drinking with friends is no longer necessary, unless it’s to a bar who caters only to FGO players.

Dinner with your loved one is only permitted if he/she or his/her parents work for Type/Moon.

From now on, your life is dedicated to nothing but farming for that future addition to your Chaldea.

And school.
And work.


My servants are good skilled and almost all are in their final ascencion, so for now I’m just saving mats for future servants.


Until Melt drops (if i manage to roll her, which i will try to do for sure), i only have a couple of servants to level. But i am wondering if there is enough time since cha cha’s event seems to take place immediately after nobonaga’s. So, looks like there will be no AP to drop on training grounds or embers at all for awhile.


Generally I use my material to level up my favourite servants as I go.
But if we do get the 10 million downloads in September (Don’t worry what it is call by then)
I think it’s better to save your 5* upgarde until then if you are not that desperate

It’s 1/2 QP for upgrade, so if we need 170mil QP to fully upgrade SSR from 0 to 10, we only need 85mil QP, that’s quite sweet!