Save or spend 6k crystals on current banners?

I was rolling on the step-up banner, Legends 4 Force of Saiyans Goku until it ended and I’m back up to 6k crystals. I would really like the LF SS3 Goku but at only .25% summon chance it seems like a waste to even try when there are better characters in the other banners.

Currently, there are the following 3 banners that I would get an increased chance at a separate roll on the promo banner from freebies if I spent 5k…

Legends Return Super Saiyan 3
Legends 4 Force of Saiyans - Goku
Legends 4 Force of Saiyans - Vegeta

The picture gives you a pretty good idea of all I have currently. What would you do?

Make a list of units that you would really want to get from those banners and then you can decide whether or not you want to summon. Also remember never expect to get exactly what you want. If youre gonna spend some of your cc I would only spend about 3k