Save Saint Quartz Encouragement Thread

Now that we’re past the Skadi banner, it’s time to save up again. Skadi was extra generous though, and only took 20 tickets and 120 SQ to come home… twice.

My next targets for the remaining of the year are the Summer servants (specifically Ibaraki, BB and MHXX) and Sitonai.
Currently got 10 tickets and 469 SQ, with 21 unclaimed fragments and 40 unclaimed SQ from the Pseudo-Singularity completion missions. All totaling 530 SQ.

As for next year… I don’t remember if they’re coming soon or the year after, but Kama and Reines (Sima Yi) are also on that list.


Only rolling for Saber Wars II next year in October after blowing 400 SQ and 30 tickets for Skadii. Currently have 20 SQ and 1 Ticket leftover.

Here’s to hoping I do not falter.


Summer 2 depleted my tickets but currently at 476 SQ (+39 fragments) and 442 SQ (+45 fragments) on my 2 accounts, just a few more weeks and Summer 3 will finally be here, just need to resist a bit more.

My goal is reaching 500 SQ on both before the event, please come home Jeanne.


0 sq/0 tickets/Rolling for Merlin whenever he pops up next.

In my present state I don’t exactly have high hopes.

2 sq now, because I got saber Fran to bond 6. I got to use a Helena Archer from a friend for a quest and I now hate myself for having signed up for this, because her animations are really fun to watch.

I also realized I can’t roll Evilsnek’s next banner, meaning that if I want to get her to NP2, I have to use the next SR ticket and not get Helena Caster, meaning I won’t have any support casters.

I’m sticking to this thing anyways. I’m not gonna quit a long term commitment after just an hour.


I dipped into my dantes funds for clay ce. Me, being a ce magnet, had high expectations. But it turned out I am only a magnet for atlas institute, elixir of love and potion of youth (I got 3 atlases and of each other one 2). I did got Helena.

So I’m at 293 sq and 0 tickets. My login bonus will drop during dantes’ rate up so that’s another 20 and I expect to finish agartha so that’s another 10.


If you are past 50 logins, remember that this is 30 now after the anniversary login reward update. More SQ! :fgo_hokusaiwink:

Best of luck of saving by the way.


-Dead Heat Summer Race [END] July/Aug2k20-
Quartz: 477
Fragments: 1355
Tickets: 56

SSR: Summer BB [High Priority?]
SR: Summer Raikou [Success], 1-2 Summer 3 Servants [Medium Priority]

War. Gacha War never changes.

I broke rule 1 of the plan, went on a tightrope with rule 2, but kept up rule 3. I’m annoyed with myself for this. But I made out really big with what was spent so I’m also overjoyed and satisfied.

I’m much more anxious now with the Summer 3 Banners at my doorstep. I’m also still not sure who I’m going to put some of my spending on when it comes to the SRs. I’ve hit my expected worst case scenario but can recover. I still have the July monthly tickets to collect as well as the August tickets. I was hoping to keep my fragments above 1000, but this might be the time to break that rule and dip below. There is also emergency Sq I wasn’t planning on collecting till the F Zero event or after.

Between those three things I can get to nearly where I wanted to be. Not ideal, but not hopeless. There is a clinging fear at the back of my mind and I feel a little cornered. My Summer Wars intensifies.


It’s time to empty my whole sq/tickets stash It’s not much though, let’s see if summer BB is generous this time, if not next year is going to be an all out war. I did 20 tickets on the summer banner to try for nobu but she didn’t show.

For Summer BB, 101 tickets/ 160 sq/ 463 sq frags, I’m curious as to what gacha will give me.


you absolute DUMBASS

will you convert frags before rolling or after you deplete everything else, if you still don’t have bbpele?

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After depleting everything else.


I know you’ve been waiting for this a fair bit. Good luck, @kuu0!


Thanks! Good luck to your count and big sister rolls as well, you’re much better at controlling yourself so I do hope you get both of them to np2+ with ease.


:fgo_ereshsmile: :fgo_ereshsmile:


119 + 63 + 236 = 418 and 38.

I accidentally used a SQ to revive cause I wasn’t paying attention going for my CS :fgo_jeannu: else, moving forward pretty soundly.

Will use 10 tickets in Summer 3, and that’s it until September.


August 2020
60 sq
23 frags
5 tix

Target for next year
Arjuna Alter(prio)
Nero Bride
Space Ishtar

Maybe will spend the sq on jearcher banner or not. Not sure if i really want her when i dont have tamamo. Still at okeanos so need to farm farm some sq and mats.


Summer 3 (2020) is finally upon us! While I might prefer to use Sakata Kintoki and my grailed Penthesilea as ST Berserkers, I don’t mind having the strongest ST Neutral damage in the entire game (so far) with Jalter’s Summer Form.

Right now I’m at 607 SQ, 25 in fragment form and 25 Tickets (although the tickets I want to save for the SSRs). If my calculations are correct, the 9 days until the next login bonus will hit BEFORE MHXX’s first Single Rate-Up. But I could be wrong…

Best of luck to everyone! I wish you all success in your rolls for your preferred swimsuit-clad Servant(s)! :fgo_meltstash:

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Wait, we have a page like that on the site?

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You mean the Noble Phantasm List, the one that you can filter by class, ST/AoE/Support and even Servant Rarity? Yep, we sure do. You also have the braindead-easy-to-read Strongest NP Against XX


1871 SQ/28 ST, just under 2K collective SQ.

Edit: Personally, I’ve always preferred the first link myself. Both are good, obviously.


Wow, this site is amazing! (Honestly, I forgot we have this page)

712 SQ for Jarcher!