Save your rolls! [Poll]

Another 21 new ops will join the game in the months to come:
a robot, two 4 stars, eleven 5 stars and seven 6 stars

Let’s vote! Pick the three you’re looking forward to getting the most :ak_eureka:

Feel free to add a bunch of hype in the comments!

No room for Justice Knight


  • Ashlock
  • Aurora
  • Blacknight
  • Corroserum
  • Fartooth
  • Flametail
  • Gnosis
  • Honeyberry
  • Kjera
  • Kroos the Keen Glint
  • Lee
  • Ling
  • Mulberry
  • Nearl the Radiant Knight
  • Nine-Colored Deer
  • Pudding
  • Roberta
  • Saileach
  • Shalem
  • Wild Mane

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Remember to vote for 3!


Pudding is life.


If possible I’d have voted thrice for nearl, that’s how much I’m looking forward to her :fgo_bbsmile:


So far Roberta’s the one I’d like to roll for but considering she’s on a general pool banner - which doesn’t have any free rolls - and I’m planning to hoard for the at most 2 more years I’m not really likely to get her. Still I can put her up on my possible target list after my hoarding

Kyjera I’m not as excited for but I am looking forward to messing around iwth the new freeze mechanics, new tools are always fun and I’m just curious it’ll actually end up being more than a gimmick for runs

I’m still waiting for more details on Kroos’s kit before I make any calls on her, but if it ends up being fun to use I’ll set aside some mats for her release… after I get through some of the other welfares… like Lava

Special mention goes to Lee and Ling for looking pretty cool in the Animation PV, honestly really like the look of Lee and it helps that being a Detective was something I was super into as a kid. Ling… still hasn’t caught my interest design wise but neither of her sisters did either, still I am gonna give her a fair shot to get me to roll for her via her event story

Blacknight also gets mention here but that’s mainly because she looks like she’s dressed in some punk rock getup and I kinda like it


Gnosis and Lee for design and fun kit reasons. I’m primarily hoarding for Gnosis because I hate myself and I can only hope I have some to roll in the LNY banner after :( I’m also really looking forward to IS2 so Shalem is kind of a proxy for that, and he’s free, and he’s a sunbeam snake which is super cool.

Honorable mention to Ashlock because her kit sounds insane and I love it but I’m unsure if I’ll be in a position where I can do any rolls on that banner. Maybe I’ll hope she shows up on the guaranteed 5 star roll. I also think Roberta will be super fun so hopefully she doesn’t elude me like some of the other new 4 stars have.


This is a serious “I don’t even know who you are” moment for me

But a Kroos alt sounds pog. I only just got a replacement for her the other day so I’m obligated to get her after her loyal service

And Shalem looks pretty hot. I like his look.


The only broken operator i’am waiting for is Nearl radiant knight.(this year)
Most of these operators are interesting but after Surtur , Mudrock , Skalter, i’am not impressed at all.(i have not try Chalter yet).
Kjera and Aurora because they don’t intend to give us Frostnova and the Freeze mechanic is always painfull to deal with and only ennemies got it until now, it seems broken to me, it’s a mix of slow, fragile and stun.


For real tho can we talk about Lee’s hat? Like that is a really good hat. I really like the hat



Not as good as Flametail’s helmet :feh_legion_miso:


Ling and Gnosis are irresistible for me.
I like playing with supporters especially summoners and gnosis is part of my favourite faction.

Then saileach is just the jeanne simp in me at work.


I really want Nine-Colored Deer she is damn gorgeous, but like Alkroos she is a welfare unity so I am not saving rolls for them XD

I will roll for Sailleach, Nearl and Ling tho.
Saileach is standardbearer which already makes her awesome (and I only have Myrtle so it will be really good for me)

Neal may not be absurdly OP like Chalter but ignoring deployment limit for some time is symply too good to pass, besides Near is life!

Ling looks are great, her kit sounds really fun and I am a sucker for Nian and Dusk so getting Ling is a must!

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How am I the only one who voted for Pudding; I’m disgusted and disappointed in you all.


Hmm… I prefer Ice Cream


Not enough Lee simps, I say. Very disappointing.


If this doesn’t appeal to you, you’re lying. :feh_kleinyes:


Dang, that is pretty badass art tho. One of like 5 fan art of a dude I’ve saved now lmao. I get Aak vibes from him. Definitely gunna like him a lot.


Why Nearl? Spike sums it up well


Another poll down:
Nearl pipped Ling and Saileach to the finish line with Kroos and Blacknight best of the rest

Thanks all for voting! :ak_exusiailove: