Saving Up SQ for someone

3 weeks straight SR*5 Servant , okay let’s start counting how long the curse will last :sob:

Okay so I’ve managed to save around 150 SQ so far (new milestone since the gacha always making me to roll more) and i don’t know where to spend. Waifu always a good option but still long way (I’m aiming for Sakura face servant). Or I can aim for support servant but, who?? Maybe some people here can help me out.

P.S : Sorry for the low battery

Don’t spend it!

Save for the Sakura face!

It takes on average 300 SQ to get a solo rate up SSR! You need all the SQ you can get from now and then!


Since you mention sakuraface, what about kama or arjuna alter? Kama is one of the best ST assassin
If support, next year we have merlin banner in summer 4, and skadi in 18 M download

Kama is a Sakura face too!

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It is 0.993^100 so it is only a 50% chance to get the solo rate up SSR with 300sq. You are absolutely right about saving on, just want to be clear that 300sq is far from a sure deal


Save for Kama, or any other servant you’d like to have. 150SQ aren’t enough to get a servant (most of the time) but if you save starting today you can get around 440SQ when Kama get released

Otherwise if you’re interested in getting a support, you should save until next summer (Merlin) or november (Skadi)

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For sure!

And thank you for clarifying my comment. I am kinda of a math person and just assumed everyone would understand what I meant!

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Next year will be rough for those of us that are saving for sakurafaces, especially since i need all of them and i can’t give up on any.


I need all the sakurafaces too but the worst part is that I have to get them f2p :catroll:

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Don’t trust this man!!! He says the average is 300, but we all know it takes way more quartz than that cuz averages are liars!!

But yeah, 300 quartz is a good number to save for, but always prepare more cuz gacha be a b***h

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pulling out a reference like that…


Every Sakura fan is saving for Kama, Parvati NP levels are an awesome bonus! :fgo_kamalewd:


If you complete around 50 rankups, hoard all the tickets, 70 free quests and do all the events between now and kama /melt you will have around 800-900 effective quartz.

Then till Arjuna Alter assuming you do 100 interludes you will have another 200 effective SQ for his banner.

I would say for game play (a.k.a. farming) purpose, you should aim for Skadi at least. But:

  1. the banner is too far away;
  2. when we get it, Gil Fest is over;
  3. Castoria is going to be released soon from that.

So it’s probably better to save for Sakura face.

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please hide your notifs

I see, so you’re also a kouhai lover as well :fgo_kamalewd: hope it won’t ripped off my wallet

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We all know we always need more SQ :fgo_saltersmug:


What even is SQ? :fgo_jeannu:

This thing that we always work our ass off for a flipping salt gacha :smile: :dagger:

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