Scaling with grails/fous

I know there’s the general idea of ‘grail your favorites’ and golden fous go along with this.
But I think picking the right servants to do it for is also important.
I love my Caster Gil but he feels like he really doesn’t use the extra stats that well.
An offencive servant in general feels like they use grails the best.

One thing for me is that I feel like lower rarity make a bigger difference for grailing.
Sasaki I feel is one of the worst servants but if you go all the way with grails that makes a huge difference, cus stats really is his one big problem since his kit is very well put together but atk reliant.

That got me thinking…
Are there servants like that. Sasaki is still a bit of a ‘only use him if you like him’ servant, but are there servants who truely scale better with grails+fous than the average (offence) servant?

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Damage oriented servants are the ones to grail, especially ones that can use their skills do deal absurd damage. Support servants aren’t worth grailing, can be worth fouing though. Supports live off of their skills to help other servants and those skills don’t get buffed via fou or grails. Damage oriented servants get some extra punch, so whoever you look at as your most damaging servants you want to jack all the way up.

Naturally you get more stat points by raising a Servant from 60 to 100, for example, but most of the lower rarities end up with stat totals that are still unimpressive compared to natural lvl 80 and 90 Servants.

IOW Sasaki’s stats are still very low at lvl 100 with every available Fou, but he’s definitely stronger than he was at his normal maximum and retains his very low party cost.

This kind of efficiency matters only if you are going to continue to use that lower-rarity Servant. Otherwise you get more mileage out of improving your favorites, even if they are already 80 or 90.


Even the Regend himself shows how having your border change colors means a significant improvement.

For a more common example, albeit a meme one at that, you might find certain people with a lvl 100 Arash on their support list. This would mean that at the very least in those 40 levels (that would be a whopping 14 grails btw, 5 of them only being for 90-100) a momentous increase in ATK prowess has taken place. This would bring his Command Cards to more decent values worthy of a gold border servant (still lower than the average, sadly). But his NP was already SSR-worthy 40 levels ago. Just by the huge boost in ATK values, this should make his NP shoot for some wacky numbers, while still keeping his low party cost and self-death switch mechanic.

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True, I wasn’t saying Sasaki is really worth grailing for gameplay reasons, he’s really not.
I’m thinking the more damage oriented low rarities are usually the 3*s that are worth it (Like Cu, Ceasar, Robin and Bedivere)
Those four might fit the criteria I mentioned, they gain a good boost without being too far behind rarer servants.

@Dangonzo I can respect an invested Arash even if he’s still a one trick wonder. A wonderful one trick.


Oh, I would totally encourage someone to feed grails to him if they loved him.

My main concern with the efficiency argument I sometimes see is that adding thousands of stat points to end up with a total that’s still low is only worthwhile if that Servant will be used. It’s not efficient to feed all those grails to a weaker Servant and then end up using someone else because their stats are better.


Totally agree with that.
In general using grail for someone you love should always be a priority.
But you can kinda think about efficiency when picking between favorites.

So for me I love Caster Gil as a character and servant but it’s not gonna help him much if he’s grailed.
While Sasaki is outclassed, he needs grails to see any use, which is why he was the first I used grails on.

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This. Seeing as how Caesar, Robin and Bedivere were mentioned, aside from their utility in terms of skills, they all excel in the ST department (at least Caesar will in the future). Even if the facecarding and the skills don’t bring such a great difference, their incredibly strong ST NPs more than make up for their shortcoming in stats, skillset or affection towards the servant itself.
I still bring my Bedi for any BIG Lancer boss, even if I own Brave Liz and Munenori. And this was even before I decided to throw two grails in his direction. Naturally, his damage ceiling went higher up, albeit slightly.

If you guys want another efficiency example, my NP2 lvl 90 Lalter with 2000 ATK fous has now surpassed Karna’s NP. And that is AFTER applying his bonus versus divine. Yes, I know, NP2 and also that I forgot to mention that while her Buster steroid is lvl 9, Karna’s is only lvl 4. But before the grails and the extra fous, this was a no-brainer. Karna was clearly the better option here, at least in terms of NP damage.


Imo, these are the following types of Servants that receive the most benefits from Grails and Fous from a gameplay perspective

  1. Last stand/solo servants
  • This is due to them pushing every every Stat to they’re limit. Obviously more stats means the higher the threshold they could uphold.
  1. Rulers
  • Same reasoning as before except for HP instead. Due to Ruler’s defensive adv against most class every point of HP is effectively doubled on them.
  1. Berzerkers and Avengers
  • Lumped them both together mostly for one reason; high dmg output. Barring Moon cancer and foreigners, these two can effectively deal with the most amount of classes due to their relatively high atk Stat. Granted that not all Zerks do well with extra stats but those that do (Kintoki and Raikou especially) can really feel the extra power.

As someone with a grailed Casgil (90 now but will be 100 when we get those 1/2 AP quest). Hes 1700/2000 for gold fou’s 8/10/10 and NP4 bond 10. I grailed him originally for Solo purposes as well as not having a ST Caster to depend on other than Nursery Rhyme or Medea. He’s also one of my favorite servants. That being said, if you decide to Grail him I’d recommend only grailing to 90 and NOT using Gold Fou’s because there are other servants whom can benefit greatly from the extra 5 grails & fou’s.

I use Gil every day for almost all my quest regardless of class affinity because I run Arts teams. Something to consider is how much you’ll use said servant you intend to Grail/fou. Not just right now but how often will you use that servant in the future ? Most people won’t know for sure unless they’re ontop of the ongoings of JP server. And from what I know, Gil is still very relevant. (I’m not sure if you think Gil is support Caster but he can do great dps. I don’t even have the godly sumo CE. If you’d like I can let you try mine out and compare it to yours as it is now.


Slight correction, it’s only 10 grails for a 1 star servabt to go from 60 to 100 since the first grail gives 10 levels and from 70 to 90 it’s 4. Still expensive but Arash’s kill range becomes absurd after it


Rulers are probably the best to grail form a pure stats standpoint. 1.1x atk modifier and they resist a ton of classes. Avengers are probably next.

Assassins and Casters are the worse the grail because of the 0.9x attack penalty.

Servants with SE damage—Euryale, Robin, Carmilla, etc—also scales super well with the extra attack stats. I have a level 100 Robin and he regularly hits almost 300k on neutral targets despite being an Archer with low attack (although with MLB Black Grail and Lv 100 stats he has “only” 12,488 atk).


This is my favorite meme

I grailed Arash to 70 and the extra 800ish atk is welcome, especially for event nodes with bulky first waves (or for 152k HP Sabers, like in the Xmas 3 lotto).


If you want to know my grailed servants
Saber Gil: (Memes + I love his design. Probably my worst pick)
Sasaki (Love him, often keep him in the backline due to his self reliance)
OG Emiya (favorite character, very well rounded. Also use some golden fous)
Siegfried (Cool character, love how strong he can be in a George+Merlin setup. Massive Hp)

Yeah looking at some future options, ST 3* servants seem the most appealing.
OG Cu and Bedivere especially

I remember there was a thread where I was discussing some of the 1-3 stars worth grailing if you like them, but I’m having trouble finding it right now (pretty sure it was a side tangent, so tricky to find), I’ll let you know if I find it.

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Nope, that was my personal list, I was referring to this.

Besides, I’ve since updated that grail list to better reflect the likelihood of me grailing them and to factor in the new ones I’ve now properly met (Avicebron/Salieri) and separate those that I haven’t.
A few changes were due to adjusting my grail reasoning for the balance of favoritism/gameplay.
Also moved Asterios to his new position since I’ve grailed him.

Updated List


Reminds me, after Achilles to 100 (and 2K/2K), Spartacus is my next choice for at least the grails on my alt.

After that, a change of pace in a cute lady. Most likely Bikini Jalter, but I won’t be grailing anyone until at least NY regardless so eh.

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Technically lowest rarity servants like asterios is the best grail candidate since e they use all the stats. Graliling a 5 star doesnt improve them much since theyre allready pretty good

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Oh yeah, Billy. He seems cool too.
Quite atk reliant but a solid insta NP servant.

Hmm I could use a single target lancer accually.
For 4* I have Vlad Extra, Li Shuwen. But Cu could compete with em

Yeah I will likely never grail any servant higher than 90