Sceptile in rainbow cup

Curious to what everyone thinks about frenzy plant/earthquake or anything else (unsure of all his available moves. With fury cutter along with frenzy plant and earthquake seems it be a decent pick. Thoughts?Hi!

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Unfortunately, Sceptile isn’t eligible for Rainbow Cup, since it’s from Gen 3, and Rainbow Cup only allows Mons from Gens 1 and 2.

See I never seen that. Makes sense and I’m a dummy. Don’t have enough players to do one but try to observe them and was wondering why he wasn’t mentioned.

You can get somewhat close to it with Meganium, also learning Frenzy Plant and Earthquake, but lacking Fury Cutter, and that’s a strong pick for Rainbow.

If Sceptile were allowed though, I’d assume that Aerial Ace would be the charge move of choice to pair with Frenzy Plant. Very spammable with coverage versus other Grass, and Bugs.

Venusaur with Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant/Sludge Bomb is also a fantastic pick for Rainbow Cup as well.

• Cuts through Water-types, including top-tier threats like Azumarill, Lanturn, Quagsire, HC Blastoise, and MS Poliwrath.
• Wins against other Grass-types (namely Meganium) with Sludge Bomb.
• Wins against most Electric Mons by virtue of hitting them for neutral damage, while resisting their Electric attacks.
• Sludge Bomb nearly OHKOs BB Charizard, who’s likely going to be the top Fire Mon for the meta. All things being equal, Venusaur gets to SB before Charizard gets to BB.

• Gets completely walled by Scizor and Forretress, and really struggles against Magneton, all of which Meganium can better handle with Earthquake.
• Utility drops considerably if you don’t have one under 1500 that knows Frenzy Plant.