Scheduled times for Community Days

The time for September CD has changed since the last few events. They’re setting it to 11 AM - 2 PM, local time.

For me, it’s a return to the original time of CDs. It works so much better for me, as that’s the moment I can usually step out of the house for 3 hours+. I could manage 6 PM, but 7 PM was getting difficult. I stayed until 6:15 for Ralts. Also, my city gets incredibly touristy in the afternoon, and the crowds of tourists AND Pokemon Go players were pretty intense.

What do you guys think? Which time has worked best for you so far?

10am-1pm was our usual time and it worked out pretty well. Plenty of time left in the day to make plans. The new time isn’t a significant difference from that, so I’m looking forward to it.

3pm-6pm & 4pm-7pm divided the day somewhat awkwardly. Manageable for me, but not ideal. We have alot of players with young children for who it was a bit of a pain.

We’re not really a tourist town or anything so the time has no bearing on how tolerable is it to play. The popular place to play is our waterfront/marina which is pretty busy at all times of the day.

N.A. here. 1-4pm was our standard time. I found the later times harder to play around since they run into when I’d ideally eat dinner, especially when you factor in the final hour for trades/evolution. I typically play downtown in my city where the amount of people out and about is generally the same regardless of day or weather.

That said, I’m looking forward to the earlier time significantly. What’s even better is I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam with my fiancee in September and this Community Day falls within our stay. First ever international Community Day here we come!

In Singapore, early afternoons are very hot, so I actually prefer 4pm to 7pm. Even 10am to 1pm would be an improvement.

P.S. 3x catch stardust? YEAH!

Honestly, it varies depending on my personal schedule (i.e. whether and when I have some other weekend event happening). That said, the old time of noon-3pm worked pretty well more often than not so this new 11-2 might work out similarly. I would caution against starting earlier on Sunday (for church-goers) or later on Saturday (for Synagogue-goers).

It really doesn’t matter but think I prefer 1-4 so I don’t have to skip dinner

My favourite spot was our original 10-1, but 11-2 isn’t bad and much better than the afternoon slots which basically killed our community days.

if i could pick any time — it would be 1pm-4pm. and i would like to see it on Saturdays . I know they switch it around to give everyone a chance. but Sundays just didn’t work around here.

anyway the 1-4 would let people concentrate on Community Day instead of having it during lunch or supper time. the 4-7 really was bad because it was too early to eat supper before 4…and too late to eat after 8 if you used the extra hour to go through your pokemon and do evolves.

i didn’t like the switch to the late start time (4-7) especially when CD fell on sunday. it basically killed the CD for our small Community. just too many things going on and a lot of people just didn’t participate. whether it was people going to Sunday Night church (5pm) or people with kids that didn’t want to completely ignore supper altogether , it was just hard finding anybody playing during that CD.

And Sunday’s are better for us.
Kids sports on Saturday make early to mid afternoon near impossible.

You can please some of the people most of the time, but pleasing most of the people all of the time is much much harder.

EDIT The earlier time is definitely preferable for us.

As a selfish 2nd-shifter (one who has had to take “bathroom breaks” periodically to actually participate in the last couple of CDs) I like it. I can easily enjoy the entire CD and have time to spare before work.

Keep on with the early CDs!

The new time is perfect for me, late enough I dont have to lose sleeping time on a weekend, which the original 10am sometimes did, but early enough that I dont lose time doing stuff with my partner. Also, earlier times make it better to walk round as the later it gets the more people are out and in our small town, it gets crowded. 3x dust will have me out for the full 3 hours, even after the bonus coming next week