Scholars OF Chaldea

Should i Limit Break one Scholar of Chaldea for this Event or should i equip one of each to all my frontline units?

Does they effect Stack having multiple Servants with this Essence?

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Limit break it if you have 9 copies or more, or else you run the team with less bonus than when you run with unlimit broken CE.

And yes, effects stack with multiple copies.


You could also Limit Break at 8 and take a loss of two, that single extra slot could be used to help you through battles faster.

Actually, equipping 5 non-MLB (not counting the support) gives you +2 * 5 = +10. If you MLB with only 8, you can get +2 * 3 + 3 = +9, for a loss of only 1.

Normally, with CEs that only provide a +1/+2 bonus, you can safely MLB at 8 for no loss.