Screw the new refines..... got me a double wammy +10's

Congrats! The Altena looks very good. So does the Selkie even without the +res copy.

And 2 shannans is nice.

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The fact Altena now has 47 Spd on initiation without buffs is going to be fun

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holllllld up.

+atk selkie?!?

i approve.

Got nothing good but I pulled my first Altena! Gonna plan to run something like this

+6 Atk/Def visible buff and Altina/Naga buffs. She can hit 76 Atk and 64 Def, but her lance can effectively make that 81 Atk and 69 Def. If I wasn’t deathly afraid of bows slaying her I’d run Heavy Blade and Ignis instead

Sadly I wanted my +Res to completely maximize her weapon buff’s… since now she only gets the +8 buff against >39 Res instead of >42 Res when her Rouse buff is active… but it’s a price I’ll have to deal with

I have a +Res Selkie. I’ll trade it for your +Atk one!

Yah, sure let me demerge my +Atk copy


I got a+Res Selkie for 4 Orbs. :feh_corrinmug:



Spd Altena

Can I go one day without people putting Spd on literally everything.

Can we go one day without you trashing other playstyles?

No… no you can’t… besides… I hardly do these type of things anyways… I was originally going to just go +Def… but thats to boring

Good for ya.

When people solely invest in Spd on slow tanks, it just hurts their potential.

That’s not all I’m talking about, and while I agree, if it works for them, then it works.

I mean… when that slow tank has a superboon in Spd that is still savagable theirs nothing wrong with it

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There’s salvageable and then there are clear strengths.
Then again my playstyle doesn’t involve heavy offence or superbuffs so what value is my opinion. :feh_lucyshrug:

What did you want me to do… make her another EP Lance tank… Yah no… Oboro already fills that roll 10x better

Spd Valbar say YES

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Look at the other side : If a unit have at neutral IV an already great bulk but is kind of slow, giving them a good spd for double deny will make them even bulkier because they will just take one hit instead of two!