SD Book 3

Sup y’all.

I just wanted to put this out there since I know there are dozens of you who refuse to participate in SD for one reason or another.

I totally get it, it encourages absolute cancer, it’s rude, it’s near impossible for F2P or casual players, etc. I totally understand. But as someone who has a very large barracks of +10 units and such, I’ll admit unrestricted is getting absolutely freaking ridiculous. So I just want to share some info with you.

Book 3 prior favor battles are by far the easiest way to get started in SD. There’s a significantly more diverse range of teams that people use. There’s a very predictable set of moves and units people tend to use. And best of all… There’s no Chrobin/Yuri/DuoCat/Eitri!

Check out @RafaSebas’ tier lists for a little more info on what you can expect going into book 3. But take my word, as long as you play smart, it can be very easy and even enjoyable to an extent.

Fair warning though: load times are long. Average time to match up with someone outside peak hours is 120s. And also fair warning: there’s only 4 users who will give you a hard time: Church, Kedryl, Aril, and… Well… myself.

So if some of you have been avoiding the mode altogether but find yourself wanting to reap some of those DF or grail rewards… Give book 3 a try. And ask any questions you’d like (serious or otherwise) and I’ll try to help you as best I can ease into it… Like a latex gimpsuit.


As someone who tried Book 3, I can still say.

SD. is. SD.


I started playing the Book III rule because it seemed easier than the no restriction. Got to 240 before the ranked modes appeared.

Now, whenever I want to try getting more prizes or train a bit, there’s absolutely no one who wants to play by this rule. And I feel reluctant to pick a recent unit and start from zero points :catmad:


What SD needs is an auto start button.

I will gladly eat as many loses as auto start gives me for the ability to put my phone on a charger in a corner, have the computer play SD for me, and come back in a few hours to see how many points my loses earned me.


As Francisco Maturana said: “Perder es ganar un poco” Losing is wining a little bit.



Auto-dispatch when IS?


Same time they increase auto in AR from 3 to 8 a week


I’m down for that too!


As am I. But it needs to regulate the score to the point that it can get you to T27, but not T38. So you bounce back and forth from VoH and bebe tiers. Staying in VoH by not doing any work would be BS.

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You say that but as someone who runs a team of nothing but Gen 1-2 I actually have an easier time in no restrictions… Ironically my usual core does a better job at handling the newer messes than it does the older ones like B!Alm or L!Marth(Just two that come off of the top of my head) or really any older unit with a busted refinement.

Don’t get me wrong, F!Edelgard with a good enough kit I can’t kill. Eitri’s a shit, but I manage. Book III & Prior? Eh…


What’s your usual gen 1-2 core? I’m curious since I’ve never actually done book 3 and before, just the unlimited version. I probably can put together a pretty meta team for book 3 and below, but I haven’t yet tried. Any other units give you (or anyone here) real trouble in that section of Duels?


OG MIcaiah, PA!Inigo, L!Marth, OG Sonya, Velouria.

B!Alm and L!Marth(I got him so I understand) are the two more annoying units to deal with.


Thanks for the tip. I do need to move on from 1,000 just to collect toys and prizes.

I looked at the dudes site but didn’t see a spreadsheet. I’m thinking Balm and L Azura are musts. Maybe Hector. Who do,you use since there was no pathfinder back then?

I tried both, the reason i didn’t liked much SD Book 3 is that at the end, you just replace cancerous units by other cancerous units. Sure, there’s no longer D!Chrom/Yuri/B!Eirika and all that stuf, but you instead have to deal with the likes of B!Alm/L!Azura/Yuri/B!Hector. You also have even less counterplay to those since you have a finite pool, only updated by recent refines.

Also, I climbed a bit with Reginn (~500) and I don’t think I have the will to do that again in SD Book 3. That being said, now that I have my +10 B!Micaiah, it could be fun to wreck this corrupted place with her. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I remember.

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The little experience I had with book 3 prior was not very nice… Load times were like 5 minutes and I kept running into that player you mentioned: Kedryl. 4 times in a row actually… It was really an uphill battle. I needed 2 or 3 units to beat his captain. I succeeded with a strategy that was only going to work once. He figured out soon enough that he could smite his captain into my team and kill the units that stood any chance. They were good battles though.

Finally after that I matched into someone else but I had to go somewhere and had to surrender. A few days later I wanted to give book 3 prior another chance but I literally waited for like 10 minutes without anyone showing up.

I want to get a decent score for Sothis but at the current rate it would take forever. Also original Sothis is kind of a wheelchair at the moment… not gonna lie


It won’t be long now.
Just you wait.


I haven’t had a good Gen 3 fight yet. I’m sure it’ll happen one day. Forma B! Micaiah will remain forever busted.

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Far save B!Hector is still in Book 3 and prior, and i have a hard-time enough dealing with him with shiny new units, so i can’t imagine with olds ones.

Besides, i don’t have the broken unit from Book 3 and prior.

Because here’s the trap : olds units might be old, but they got shiny new refines, and some really stand out too much (B!Hector, B!Alm, but i’m sure there’s others).
If you don’t have them, you’re just as screwed as not having shiny new meta.

I guess at least Book3 & prior meta doesn’t evolve as much anymore.
But who would spend orbs on gen 3 unit nowadays :eyes: (if you don’t have them already)


Plenty of gen 2 and 3 units for me to +10. Amelia, Ayra, etc. Luckily I have a bunch of highly invested gen 1-3 units, so units like Alm and Hector aren’t an issue.

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I just need a mode für SD were I only fight against NPCs named Kiran. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just currently playing “Echoes of Mana” which is far more PvE based at the moment shows me again, that I rather enjoy PvE than PvP.

But yeah, it’s a little bit better playing SD with the Book III rule.