SD Book 3

I’ve been playing for a while (since the start but with a break before AR release) , and only one of my ranged unit in my whole barrack is able to ORKO an invested B!Hector, and it’s not even guaranteed.
If buffs/debuffs are not in her favor, SonyaTharja with +ATK IV, Life&Death7 & Blazing AoE fails at it.

I’m curious which ranged gen3 unit you use.
Unless you play a full melee team, that is, which’d be a different story.

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I don’t think I’ve ran into a Brave Hector yet, but I haven’t had a real fight in this mode either. These are the units I normally use or would use.

Dream Camilla and OG Ishtar are two units that I can merge up to about +4 or +5, but I haven’t invested in them yet. Virion would also make a potentially good choice due to sudden panic being in his weapon.

Please IS, give Sakura a refine so that I can use her.

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SP is worthwhile except against L!Marf who is usually chosen as the super unit so… It’ll work GREAT 50% of the time

Btw the Tier List for Book 3 under is updated:


>Fallen Celica tier four

insert rant copypasta here

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The fact that Echidna doesn’t even appear is insulting but understandable.

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