Seaiserea and Angelica infos

Nothing really interesting else besides Charles coming out tomorrow :catdestroy:

And that hella cute Alexa artifact:


Can Cleave be even more dead?

Taliban Iseria is looking pretty great

Also Angelica of Light is a ML4* so there goes my hope of pitying her


SG: “Ah summer unit with water attacks”
Also SG: “Crazy bomb throwing maniac, Fire Ranger”


Lol had a bet with my buds from work about if it was Angelica’s silhouette saying she will be the 4* unit with ML!Charles coming up. So far I was right with the character and her being a 4* atm.

I’m suprised about her being tied to destroying earth or something similar with what they showed so far out of speculation

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Its kinda funny and sad that Angelica is actually a pretty good counter against ML Charles

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Continent 3 of story: making allies and stopping wars

Ml!Angelica: secret boss at the end of the whole story probably

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All in all pretty solid. ML Leo recall incoming too, and balance adjustments are gonna be revealed in two days. Countdown to ml charles lmfao, I’ve got about 40 summons worth saved up, but pity is too far away. Wish you all luck on your pulls if you do