Season 2 GBL matchmaking

Anybody else notice that the matchmaking at rank 7 is all over the place? I came in at around 1960 and have been regularly matched with people 100 points lower than me. Makes it reeeealllly hard to get any progress and you lose points fast in a bad streak! Also been matched with trainers 100 points higher than me too, its just all over the place. Last season wasn’t this bad, it was usually only 30+/- of my own rank but having the point difference so high makes it even more of a crapshoot for how well you do.

Just seeing if anyone else was seeing the same thing or if its just something with where and when I came in at rank 7.

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Noticed same thing, Have 1800, and often have people with 1900+, but didnt meet anyone with less than 20 points below me yet.

I’m trudging through 7 right now and haven’t noticed it yet.

I havent’t noticed anything like that as of yet, but I got spit out right at the end of 7 so I didn’t have to do much.

Last season however I had a really weird one where at rank 8 I got paired with a rank 10 all of a sudden. I won and went up a little but I was hoping that would just take me straight to 9 or 10! Ya never know how this ranking system works!

I think you get paired with whoever is playing at the moment and is close enough to you in rating, nothing more to it. It sucks, considering how painful going 1 out of 5 is. I wish they lowered it to 50 points up or down, I’d rather have to wait 10 minutes to get matched than battle someone 99 points ahead or behind me.

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As I said, just something I started seeing this season. In previous seasons, I was fairly consistently paired with trainers close to my rating (just like it supposedly does) so I’m wondering if it’s something new they are doing with pairing this season or if it’s just what I happen to run across while I’m reeeaaaching for rank 8.

I’d rather not have rating influence my scoring whatsoever. Get 4 wins? Go up X amount. Lose 3 times? Go down x amount. As it is, it’s just another randomization in how well we do in GBL.

I’ve noticed the same thing. Almost always paired against people around 1900s despite being in low 1800s

Points don’t matter. People with points lower than you can be dastardly strong like the ones on high levels.

If you watched my videos before you will know what I mean, basically upon a certain level you WILL face opponents that are literally unbeatable no matter what.

I don’t remember correctly when I first hit a rank with scores (it was rank 8 with 2060), but I think on that day were some odd matchups with trainers quite a bit below or higher than my rank. Since then sth similar never occurred ., it was always the typical +/- 25.

Oh I totally agree. The difficulty of the opponents I face once I hit rank 7 or 8 is practically uniform and has almost no correlation to points (until you hit ML). That said, I know that my own points accrued for each set are determine by the point difference from my opponents so while +/-100 points makes no difference in difficulty, it makes a difference in how well I ‘do’ in points earned.

In practice, this means its totally random how many points you get for each win/loss. Somebody -100pts had the perfect counter team to you? Bummer, there goes 15pts. Totally creamed somebody -100pts? Yay! Here’s 4pts. If I’m constantly paired with people ‘lower’ than me, its incredibly difficult to gain any points. I think this explains the swing we sometimes see where we rack up points a bunch and get close to ranking up and then stall and lose points like crazy.

Lol I just lost 11 and then won 11 back. So weird…good team though…back to my hardcore players :fist_right:t2:

Today i meet first time players with lower rank( 40+) than me and one with higher(70+). 2/5 costed me 13 pts…