Season 3 GBL

Just started off, at first with my funfisk lead, azu and altaria in the back. Again a mix of HC players and noobs or try out teams. Went 3-2, 5-0, 5-0, 1-4. In the latter two shiftry leads led to my loss; surprised how much dmg neutral leaf blade dealt to gunfisk! Changed to shiftry by myself and faced indeed 3 gunfisk leads - those I won; 3-2 in the last set. Now rank 4

Just went 5-0 with fairly normal comps except one match - opponent had Hitmonchan/Rhyhorn/Purugly

Hahaha, nice…oh saw a bit. Faced my first Gabite. Two latias! One alolan exeggutor. And a poor brave pidgeot not wanting to stay back from my gunfisk :/

Lol read this comment and immediately encountered a Gabite.

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Very first battle I faced Mr Mime, Durant and Mantine. Dropped one shield in that fight hahaha! But yeah, generally a mixture of noobs and xp.

I went 15/25 running the same team I used for the majority of GL (Ampharos, Altaria, Seismitoad). Still plenty of Azu/Skarmory leads so I reckon I’ll stick it out with this squad for now. Defs gonna experiment with some of these infestation/hex/power snow buffs though.

Who the hell swaps out Wigglytuff for Altaria against Azumarill and doesn’t shield the Ice Beam!? Rank 4 shenanigans over here.

I guess we will see a lot of gunfisk leads. Atm it is 4 gunfisk, 3 azu, 2 shiftry leads in my stats. Completely unreliable until rank 7 I think. But gunfisk is too good for a lead, could be no 1 at the end as well, maybe on par with Azu. Saw no skarmy lead, but I guess we will face some as well with brave bird…
Still waiting for all those fighting leads - just faced two medicham for now

I haven’t seen G.Stunfisk leads in any of my 25 season 3 matches today, I saw G.Stunfisk as a swap or closer. I’m at rank 4 and won 14/25 matches.

I haven’t seen a G-Stunfisk lead yet but still lead with Azumarill because of so many Skarmory leads. Surprisingly none of the Skarmory are running Brave Bird. What I see A LOT of is people swapping in Toxicroak against my Shadow Zapdos…eat my Drill Peck.

I considered Shadow Zapdos as a lead, but I’m concerned about all of the potential G. Stunfisk leads. Deoxys D has RS, Azumaril has IB and there’s probably plenty of other ice & rock moves that I didn’t mention.

How do you like Shadow Zapdos? It seems like a glass cannon that’s great as long as you don’t get locked into the wrong matchups.

I faced a Venusaur with Razor Leaf AND Solar Beam. Then a Blastoise unloaded a Hydropump. They had one of the legendary birds, too. The team I was playing with might not have been that great to actually see it occur.

Seeing wacky stuff for GL. Drapion, Magnezone…

Nice, wanted to try them out but never had the balls. On paper both quite ok.
@Sir_Gwibbles - guess many people are either afraid of the debuff, ran out of TMs (like me after mewing to shadow claw) or just don’t mind, cause sky attack is also good. I wonder if we see it a lot at all. I will try it once I have a second attack. It is not wise to use it as sole charged move I guess

Never use it as a lead. Use it when the opponent has 0 shields or 1 shield if you have at least one left. I went 20-28 (had done a few battles before season swtich) with Azumarill/G-Stunfisk/Shadow Zapdos. I used Azumarill as a lead and never had to swap. I lost one match due to lag, the rest I was outplayed. The worst was eating a Sludge Wave from Swampert when I didn’t need to. Last season I only ever saw HC/EQ and with G-Stunfisk still around I didn’t expect a change.

I just made a Shadow Snarl FP+LB Shiftry. Actually thinking about doing the GK Cresselia, too. No shield vs. Gunfisk, identical faints–even better for Cress if they panic and throw a RS in.

***I traded myself a GK Cress and it turned out 6/12/14=1495. That is #25 on the Best Friend trade rank, I guess out of 1331 possibilities.

More stories here:

I use Vigoroth as a lead, then Altaria and Lanturn.

I made a Great GK+MB Cresselia, need to be careful bc it has many close wins and close losses. I need to play some trainers that aren’t gonna enter rank 8 at 2300+. Loses to almost every grass fighter, sorry Victreebel, for you those PCs add up. Actually most scenarios regular Victreebel wins, quite a few Shadow Victreebel prevails vs Cress. Mainly did it for Whiscash+Swampert, just a slight advantage for Cress over Azumarill. Cress helps against some of the fighters and pretty much a draw b/t Cress and Altaria or Deoxys-D

I tried a shadow Zapdos in my team as a closer. Had bad matchups, ended 1-4. I don’t feel confortable using it yet… I have to find a good team around it.

After that I used a Gunfisk-Swalot-Lanturn team and it went 4-1 / 5-0 / 3-2 (one battle I lost was vs a Gunfisk + Wishcash team). Except for a weakness against ground I really like this team. 2 Azu counters. Gonna keep trying this one. Never used Gunfisk before, that mon is a machine!!!

I’ve been rockin shadow zapdos in the lead. I love it so far but you have to bait constantly. People rarely swap when it’s an obvious lost lead thinking they can grind it out because it’s so glassy, but man I’ve won a lot of leads that way. Not regretting the investment so far, we’ll see how it goes further up the ladder.
Zappy lead with a good normal type safe swap and Azu as a closer is my team comp if you want to give it a whirl

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