Season 3 move changes

For a list of the move changes see Below I’ll muse on potential impact on PvP.

Drill Peck deals more damage - Shadow Zapdos is now even more threatening and that’s really the only Pokemon affected. The list of Drill Peck users is short - Natu, Piplup, Spearow, Doduo, Dodrio, Murkrow, and Zapdos.

Brave Bird deals more damage and severely lowers the user’s Defense (3 stages) - This better hit like a truck because that it a heavy debuff.

Infestation generates energy faster - A good change for Pokemon like Garbodor which relies on Gunk Shot. It can now spam Body Slam even more which pressures shields and opens up the potential to land a Gunk Shot. While I have not ever used Swalot, I hear good things and this change will make it even better.

Hex generates energy faster - Hex is an Infestation clone already so likely to remain that way. A nice boost for Drifblim and Frosslass and Jellicent once it’s released. For those with access to Hex and Shadow Claw we’ll have to see how they stack up.

Powder Snow deals more damage - Froslass making out again plus Mamoswine and Alolan Sandslash. The underrated Sealeo gets even better.

Blizzard deals more damage - Did I mention Sealeo? Froslass making out like a bandit again. I don’t need to tell you about Whiscash.

Flash Cannon requires more energy - Skarmory never used FC anyway but this is a hit to Registeel. Ferrothorn has other good charge move options and Bastiodon tends to favor Stone Edge and Flamethrower. Empoleon takes a hit but with the damage boost to Blizzard the increased energy may be worth it.

Focus Blast deals less damage - A hit to many Pokemon notably the Regis and Mewtwo. Sorry to those who just put FB on their Community Day Gengars.

Moonblast has a lowered chance of lowering enemy attack - Cresselia was attacked viciously and publicly.

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nerfing Registeel this hard is insane imo given how its the best counter to Cress, who will remain UL’s most dominant mon. MB’s debuff chance being nerfed does not even this out at all. not mad about GL since i wont be playing it and Gunfisk will largely replace Regi there anyway

I think Registeel’s nerf was unnecessary. Galarian Stunfisk is far more oppressive and flexible. Are there even pokemon out there that resist both Rock and Ground? The combination is absolutely insane and even Azumarill’s have to watch out for double earthquakes. I’m pretty sure Torterra is the only one to resist both? And that’s a pretty garbage pokemon with those fast moves

As for UL, I am happy about the Cresselia nerf, and I think options like Alolan Muk will be more common now since even their matchups were quite iffy when debuffed. Pretty good. But most people are probably going to do Premier Cup anyway.

I am a huge fan of Froslass despite it’s poor place in the meta, so Powder Snow is probably the most exciting update for me. Hex for Drifblim also sounds interesting. We’ll have to see how it all works out

I wanted to try out Ampharos in GL (since its typing sucks for UL) but I guess this puts an end to such hopes.

Breloom, Virizion( if ever be able to be in GL cap) and Chesnaught( when they release).
Not so much, thought.

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Infestation and hex I’m super into. Hope they get a big buff. Weezing is pretty interesting. Actually has a really diverse set of charge moves but no good fast moves. Not to mention beedrill who didn’t need much help now likely gets to run drill run and sludge bomb.
I feel bad for people who invested in regi recently. They pretty much banned it if it’s a significant loss of damage on those moves.
Cress deserves it
Also I bet brave bird is gonna be a close combat rip off now

I didn’t see the below changes until recently:

  • Braviary and Close Combat : Braviary can use this attack to make opposing Rock- and Steel-type Pokémon more dependent on Protect Shields.
  • Abomasnow and Ice-type Weather Ball : This Ice-type Charged Attack is fitting for a Pokémon that appears when it’s snowy.
  • Pelipper and Water-type Weather Ball : This Water-type Charged Attack is fitting for a Pokémon that appears when it’s rainy.
  • Empoleon and Drill Peck : Empoleon can use this attack to make Fighting-type Pokémon more dependent on Protect Shields.

I am hyped for Abomasnow. I just got a good Shadow Snover and I’ve wanted to try this in GL for a while. You’ll still want to run Razor Leaf over Powder Snow but Weather Ball is a good replacement for Blizzard.

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Remember that Brave Bird, Hex and Drill Peck also has PvP buffs, indicating that Staraptor and Braviary may become stronger raid attackers. Ghost Chandelure and Drifblim might be better too.

It would probably just 70 energy flash cannon and 120 power focus blast. Or 130 even.

Also Blizzard Damage increase means Regice would probably be BETTER unlike the rest.

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I’d argue that the biggest beneficiary of the Hex buff is Dusclops who has an outstanding stat distribution for PvP and solid coverage and bait options for charge moves but until now very lackluster fast moves


In UL, less Regi means less Swampert and Charizard closers. Charizard was somewhat a reliable counter to Cresselia. I agree that A-Muk is in pretty good shape despite it being an amorphous blob. Gira-A might consider running DB more bc of Obstagoon/A-Muk. People doing that helps Cresselia about the same as it losing some sorcery frequency. I had been interested in Regice, but Registeel’s moves made me not put the 100k toward it (I have the Regice candies and 2491cp). Lock On is quick, EQ comes up fast but with less Registeel, I need to see the matchup between Regice vs Empoleon or Lapras. Regice should be good vs A-Muk I’m assuming (it depends, Dark Pulse is the bait/shield burning move, but not like DP is that bad in the matchup)

I’d like to see how Dusclops/Dusknoir would go with the hex buff. I’ve used Drifblim a bit before, will defs give him another go. Beedrill with infestation buff will be kinda cool, will defs put some pressure on certain psychic types. Froslass was in my very first squad, will probs have a muck around with that again too.

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I’m running Ampharos at the moment, it’s amazing how many people you catch off guard when they switch in with their steel tank and BOOM. Not looking forward to that nerf…

Now Zapdos just needs Peck, and we have another good Flying attacker. Niantic, please!

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Nobody mentions that Drill Peck which will become stronger will give a grass counter move to Empoleon, plus harming more the fighters.IMO this is the biggest and more significant addition


Don’t tell them!!!

Bug types my dude. Think different :wink: X-Scissor/NS Scizor for instance absolutely ruins Cress’ day.


I am soooo excited about the Hex buff, and I have been expecting it.
Dusclops could be really fun with a lot of fast elemental punch moves and big bulk and I’ve been saving one in hopes of this exact update
Froslass got so many buffs from this update… It has at least two great builds now
Chandelure could be better in premier master?
Mismagius might even be usable, Jellicent will be even better
and best of all Drifblim, because Drifblim was already excellent in UL (and I have one best buddied).

I am also very happy about Swalot, who I felt was so close to being great if it charged slightly faster

Depending on how much the Blizzard buff is, Empoleon might get a OHKO on GiratinA now. :dizzy_face:

Fighting/Grass or Ground/Grass. Torterra anyone? :sweat_smile:

Yeah I don’t see the hype over countering Cress in UL. Scizor does such a good job and deletes GiratinA just fine, all without having to invest RC or Stardust for the 2nd move. :sunglasses:

Honestly, we’ll have to wait and see what the changes will actually be. If Hex or Powder Snow become super OP, then we’ve got some new top-tier players! Is Infestation going to be buffed enough to warrant using it instead of Poison Jab on Beedrill? What will Brave Bird look like? A 10 damage increase is probably insufficient to make it worth using (sorry Ho-Oh) but if they give it the Megahorn treatment…

Regardless, our for sure biggest winners are:


S3: Season of Ice and Wind

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I just want Infestation to be usable. Finally some hope for my favourite 'mon

She’s a good girl. Besides, these charged moves are no joke. Fingers crossed.

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Unfortunately I can’t see how she becomes much better :/
Fury cutter might be comparable and also doesn’t help that much