Season of Heritage timed quest reward?

So, we’re now into the season of Heritage. (Sure hope it’s not the US Southern motto of “Heritage not hate” when they fly the confederate flag.)

There’s a long timed quest, earn 120,000 stardust. Should be no problem. Just wish I had held off on taking my GBL battle rewards for a few days - reaching Ace netted me 110,000 dust, with a star piece (forgot again) would have been 165 thousand, easily enough.

My question is, what is the reward for that quest? The 1000 XP is obvious, but the completion reward is not. It’s a black ball thing with a fin on top, and you get two of them. Is this a new item, or something I just don’t know about (likely, as I’ve been swamped at work for end of semester).

Looks like a hat you get upon completion. I just wonder why it’s two…

Aren‘t avatar items always two of one piece? One for the male, one for the female? Or at least most of the time.


Would make sense, good explanation…

Deino hat, not sure why there’s two though. Full set, 120k dust in a month, especially with CD weekend will be easy. But

Black ball things with fins on top are tight

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Great that i am yellow :D

But wait… Is it mixed up? I earned the ones on the left

Its irregardless of your team, each leader has a month with the bonuses and tasks outlined below.

Ah, great. I see, thanks for the explanation! Cool, i like the concept

Only thing I don’t like is that for the smaller 15 stage dust challenges any dust you get after you get to the current required amount doesn’t carry over, so if you forget to claim it for a bit it won’t be counting towards the next challenge so some dust can be “lost” in that you still earn it but doesn’t count.

I’m sorry but for the crime of one of my most hated grammatical errors I must now sentence you to catching only dunsparce for a month.


MWAHAHAHA!!! You misunderestimated me! Firstly, I was baiting you all along! I snuck it in there, knowing it thusly brang you undoubtably to be madded!


Pretty sure my brain just died.


Grammar mistake’s are not to be underestimated


Why two? One is a hat and one is a cod piece!!!

It’s got a hint of gimp mask about it actually


Put a green mask on and you’ll look like a shiny Deino


One for Male avatars, one for Female