Second Account Giveaway

I decided to give away my second account cause it doesn’t run well on my old phone. It constantly crashes during the current event, and I don’t have time for two account.

My second account is purely F2P, haven’t clear part one of the story. Cleared Fuyuki and Orlean. Septem is kinda almost finish.

Note: I have a feeling I totally mess up on linking with the topic.

Not really, you’re good.


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If it’s still possible, I would like to have your 2nd account. Mostly because it’s not for me, it’s for my lil brother. He loves to play FGO on my phone for the past few years, but not on his own phone bcuz it’s a very shitty phone. However, on last Christmas, my parents and I did gather some money to buy him a new phone, and dude’s the happiest guy i’ve ever seen.

So I think it would be great if he could start the game fresh but with some existing help in form of servants.

(PS: he also likes Astolfo quite a lot)


Thanks. I was worried I messed up somehow, I just glad I didn’t.

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I hope he doesn’t mind that Septem is almost cleared. In the mean time, I’ll do my best with my potato phone to tackle some the event mission, while I wait for you’re reply.

I don’t mind folking it over. I’ll message you the transfer code and password.