Second Append Skill (Summer BB)

Which Append do you think is better for Summer BB?

:fgo_bblaugh: Anti-Foreigner :fgo_bblaugh:
:fgo_bbgrin: Extra-Attack :fgo_bbgrin:

I am thinking Anti-foreigner is probably better but I wanted to see what the community thought?



BB can lock hands so reasonably you’ll use her extra card more often than you’ll find Foreigners.


Great point!

I’m so burnt out from real life I didn’t even consider that. I was just thinking of farming.


That third Append would be best for farming if Foreigner enemies weren’t so rare!




Extra just to go along with the 20 crit star buff on extra attack.


Extra it is!

Thank you all!


I went with extra instead of ml. I do facecards with her much more than 3T farming, especially when np1 isn’t particularly hard hitting for farming


Mana loading isn’t that good when the battery they have is 50% or higher unless it’s some odd battery like 80% on Sanzang. Extra attack is nice with her buffs in the future on JP that she gets by far. Foreigner is just so niche.

This really isn’t true for irregular farming comps. Meeting 70% total charge means that just a single Castoria s1 is enough to fire an NP.

Why would someone use BB summer, a buster NP, with a Castoria setup though. It barely makes any sense considering the options we have unless your roster was quite limited where you had almost no one to farm with, but even then there’s Chen Gong.

You seemed to be speaking generally about 50% batteries, but BB Summer is still usable as an irregular attacker depending on wave structure and Servant investment.

A lot of 90+ irregular nodes can be handled simply by adding another attacker into a traditional system or by not using a system if damage thresholds can be hit without it.

I should add that this Append is very valuable for system use as well. Summer Kiara and Space Ishtar, for example, gain a great deal of flexibility in both irregular and traditional compositions.

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Agreed on Ishtarin. Using only Castoria’s first skill on the first wave means not having to use plug suit. Miyu also has 20 % mana loading and Dragon’s Meridian for 40% gage on the second wave. So I can bond farm an SSR and a three star but miss bond farming two SR by one.

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Hey, Circe works with double castoria if she has mana loading, and she’s not someone most people would consider ml for in the first place. Double castoria can give 2 dps 80% np gauge. So if Circe has mana loading and second dps has ml or small battery, you can tackle 1/1/x nodes without relying on refund looping at all with Circe self 100% battery for wave 2. That’s not something that works with any other support because of their charge distributions, so doesn’t matter if the big buff doesn’t match the dps np unless you can’t reach the damage thresholds

Sometimes you need to think outside the box


I’ll preach the miracle of 20% Append anywhere simply because it made my lottery teams so easy while letting me use a variety of Servants.


Are there actual waves of avengers where you need to fire that NP for irregular farming? She is pretty Potato otherwise, I don’t think mana loading really all that good on her honestly.

Consider that many irregular nodes include a wave of potato-sized HP bars and that Berserkers are fairly common, besides.

Her lack of steroid for the team makes her less attractive for this purpose, but she’s still an option (increasingly so as her NP level and overall investment go up, like everyone else). Teams that need card RNG for their final wave would love an opportunity to slot her since she would have up to two chances to lock a favorable hand.


I’ve personally answered this question several times now and every time I have said Extra and I see no reason to deviate from that.

She is going to crit her Arts cards, so NP gain just isn’t an issue. I have never been in a situation where I have needed ML, ever. If you need ML to AoE multiple waves/flexibility or whatever, you’d probably just be better off using a different Servant tbh.

She is going to benefit regularly from Extra, whether it’s damage or even just the additional stars.

I will be taking ML when I get my next copy though


This topic is a little different from the others since Extra Attack wasn’t included in the OP; the premise was Mana Loading vs. Anti-Foreigner (no, it was actually Extra vs. Anti-Foreigner, and ML just fell back into the conversation).

Still, I’d agree that Extra Attack is a good choice as long as the player actually prioritizes BB as main attacker. If they use her only as card-lock support, then none of the Appends are likely to matter, so you can throw darts.

You need to have 20% mana loading or a mlb k-scope to 3 turn farm with Summer BB when Konya of the light is released.

In the 4+ years I have played this game I have only gotten two non-mlb k-scopes. The second one came last week with Okita’s last banner.

For me and others with horrible k-scope luck, Mana Loading is a requirement if I want to farm with Summer BB.

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