Second Charge Move for GBL Master League Pokemon

Would really appreciate recommendations as to which one I should give a 2nd charge move (and what move). All 3 are level 40, good IVs.

  • Tyranitar (Fast: Bite / Charge: Crunch)
  • Dragonite (Fast: Dragon Breath / Charge: Outrage)
  • Metagross (Fast: Bullet Punch / Charge: Meteor Mash)

Thank you!

Is this your Mleague team or have you others and are trying to complement them?

I have others … just trying to pick which 1 of those 3 is best for Master League with a 2nd move.

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It is a bit depending on the rest of your team but I would probably go with Metagross with Earth Quake…

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Thanks ikke! I didn’t even know Metagross could learn Earthquake, I knew he could do psychic moves.

I actually like Dragon Claw on Dragonite as a second move. It generates much quicker for eating through shields and is nice to have in a “last hit” scenario because of its charge rate.

I vote Metagross for it’s very wide coverage in meteor mash and eq. Giratina is a real pain though

From all of those, Metagross seems to me the most useful one to buy 2nd move. I’ve run it for some time just with MM (dust issue) and it was not nearly as good until I bought it Earthquake. Depends on its role and how it’s positioned in your team, but as my go-to steel type, it’s the only move that really hurts fellow steel tanks like Dialga or Heatran.

Funnily, I’ve run hundo Dragonite with just that DB/DC and I feel it’s not lacking a 2nd move, at least not from within its current move pool. If it had something added that can really hurt Togekiss, steels or rock users, I’d buy it NOW (just imagine Icy Wind or Superpower for a second… yeah, I’d buy that).

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agreed. while having DC + OR on Dnite is great imo (nice option for a semi-speedy nuke), it is a luxury. Metagross just isn’t viable without EQ and i wouldn’t buy a second move on a non-CD Tyranitar

Thank you everyone! Metagross +earthquake it is, really appreciate it!

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