Second copy of The Golden Sumo

Question for the veterans, in the Onigashima event, which is the best place to farm another copies of The Golden Sumo??? Cause I already spent 25 apple in the Tower and Hot Spring (rakshasa) but it haven’t drop any of it??? Pls help

Unless I’m mistaken, the Golden Sumo CE only drops from [Rakshasa] Free Quests. Unfortunately, Drop rates for Event CEs are typically around 1%. Regardless of which of the Rakshasa nodes you farm, the drop rate won’t really get much higher. It’s really all a matter of luck. Last year, I got 2 extra copies of the Hot Springs CE and 1 Golden Sumo, but this year I got no CE drops at all.

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I got lucky with CE. Stairway to heavens Brinhild drop sumo on my first try


People with EX RANK LUCK SHOULD GO AND EXPLODE!!!:fgo_badciv:



People with EX RANK LUCK SHOULD GO AND EXPLODE!!!:fgo_badciv: (2)


:joy::joy::joy: :joy::joy::joy:

Still gonna sent straight to shop after event finish. Already had 2 MLB sumo



People with EX RANK LUCK SHOULD GO AND EXPLODE!!!:fgo_badciv: (4)



Just got a copy on my first time playin the forest rakshasa :sweat_smile:

You really don’t need more than one mlb copy of Golden Sumo. Aerial Drive will be available in the new Halloween event, and can be mlb without relying on drops. Holy Night Supper will be back in the 2nd Christmas rerun, but you will need to hope for at least 1 drop to mlb it.

Not sure if this counts as Ex rank luck, but I farmed 20 consecutive Hearts/Feathers from tower.

As for Golden Sumo, I forget if Points gave a copy or if I had an extra from last year, but bought the 4 shop copies and got 2 MLB Golden Sumos, so I’m happy!!


Points had one copy of sumo before switching to onsen

I think I’m really stretching my luck here as I need at least 2 drops to get my second MLB golden sumo, which I know I can make good use of.
On the other hand, I think all my luck for CE drop went to hot spring as I already got 4 drops since this event started…:sweat:

Edit: @Trubothedwarf: On a side note, is aerial drive are a better pick for musashi & jalter or I might as well stick with golden sumo?

Just got another drop, don’t even know what to do with them now

I hope some of these luck share with golden sumo or DW should give us a shop to trade another CE we want :sweat_smile:

I disagree with everyone saying that Golden Sumo is the best CE for general use. Most Servants don’t care about the damage potential of the cards unrelated to their NP type and Buster cards, and even when comparing damage differences between Buster card using GS vs AD, it’s trivial enough that it favors AD’s better NP damage.

Interesting, because the way I understand (and was told) was that any servants without own attack buff but only self buster buff (or art / quick etc), it’s better off to go along with GS. So I took it as say Musashi, since she don’t have own attack buff, GS are a better choice on her.

So for argument sake, I would thought if I were to field Musashi and Raikou at the same time, it’s better to have GS on both of them since they both only have self buster buff

p.s Hope the way I describe are not confusing :sweat_smile:

This really only matters on turns where you’re not buff stacking like crazy, and, for those turns, the damage you deal during them is pretty much inconsequential.

If you want to compare the CEs in terms of usefulness, look at your damage potential for any given 1-2 turns where you’ll have all or most of your buffs active. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a situation that really favors Golden Sumo over Aerial Drive in terms of a Buster NP Servant.