Second guessing on fodder

Hi all, I have been waiting and trying unsuccessfully for a while to get an Atk/Def Rein for my Ashnard to get him to +10 with this build:

So I randomly got an Erinys (+HP/-DEF) on a pitybreaker and found out I could actually fodder her to make this build, but then I decided to use her for a while and she turned out to be kind of fun to use. That got me second-guessing whether the Ashnard build is still useful these days or whether its time has passed. I’m not too concerned about Arena score, etc., just want a unit that’s useful and fun to use. I don’t have a lot of good lance fliers except for maybe Summer Ingrid.

Should I …

  • Fodder to build Ashnard
  • Keep Erinys

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I’d probably keep her for now. She’s an exceptional lance flier on her own, and one of the better ones we have lately.

Atk/Def Rein on Ashnard is really good, but he can do just fine with other C skills like Atk or Def Smoke.

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I am on the same boat. I have all the fodders to build the ideal Ashnard … something I always wanted to do.

But I am hesitant to let go of Erinys because of BD4. Seems like BD4 is extremely premium whereas rein skills will become more and more common.