Second move on shadow Pokémon

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I got a shadow Magikarp today with good PVP IVs and was curious as to if anyone knows if buying a second charge move will allow them to learn the Community Day move when evolved? Thank you!

A Shadow Pokémon that has Frusteation cannot learn a Community Day move even if you unlocked a 2nd Charge move. If the Pokémon has Frustration you have to unlock a 2nd Charge move and then use an Elite Charge TM. If you were able to get rid of Frustration during the previous Team GO Rocket event or GO Fest then the Pokemon can learn a Community Day move through evolution during Community Day.

The answer is yes, when you evolve it on it’s community day this sunday.

It will keep Frustration but the 2nd move will be it’s CD move

I would love to have a good IV Shadow Gyarados for PVP. However, keep on mind you need to TM away Frustration in order to get Aqua Tail as a Gyarados. Unlocking a secondary charge move won’t work.

I’ve tried it myself by evolving a Shadow Kakuna and it didn’t get Drill Run as a Beedrill :frowning:

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I have already seen the opposite answer in other topic…

What about if you TM frustration away and then evolve during CD?

Technically yes. Prior Community Day news posts said Shadow Pokémon cannot learn Community Day moves but what players found out is that Frustration is what prevents a Shadow Pokémon from learning a Community Day move through evolution. If you TM’d away Frustration you could evolve it during Community Day to get the exclusive move.


You can only TM Frustration away during special events like the two last Team Go Rocket ones and the 2nd Go Fest day if you were a ticket holder. Otherwise you won’t be able to.

Already done that. Question was more about saving this for christmas

Among others

Save it for December. Meteor Mash Shadow Metagross is such a beast. While Shadow Gyarados will come in handy for PVP.

It was also possible without a ticket, I did it. Maybe for a shorter amount of time - but I never got rid so fast of my 30 tms

I evolved my shadow, double-moved Weedle on previous CD but it didn’t get CD move. I think Frustration prevents getting it even if there is a “slot” for it.

If you teach a shadow a 2nd move it won’t be frustration.