Second Siegbert

Hmmm…So I got a Siegbert (+Hp -Res), and I have another with the ivs flipped. What should I do?

I definitely know what to do for merging, but possibly inheriting is the problem I’m thinking of that requires this question to be posted.

I mean the only thing that’s worth inheriting is Atk Tactic.

Depents on what you want to do with it.
My best guess would be someone who buffs alot? But that’s mostly your part of thinking where a Atk Tactic would fit in your teamcomps.

If you are low on Klein or merging him and you need Death Blow? I merged mine hes at +1

He’s a decent candidate for Galeforce, if you’re into that.

Probably one of the better users for it because of his defense stat. Usually most go desperation but his defense puts him in that “interesting” category