Secret medals? (Solved)

I got a medal for no aparent reason.

It is separated from the rest and filtered as secret
What is this?

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The wording is freaking confusing but it’s basically the medal for unlocking all secret nodes in chapter 8 :fgo_derpalot:


I’m not sure, but from the description I would guess that medal is for doing the side objectives in chapter 8

spoiler maybe

(saving all the shield guys, not killing the bird etc.)

There’s also another secret medal you can get by collecting Ceylon’s letter from the record restore.


If thats the case, then this medals take a lot to be given out, I cleared those extra challenges 2 months ago and it gave me the medal now, unless they implemented it just today.

The ceylon one did not apear tho.


A lot of medal got implemented way later if you pay attention, such as the raising trust 200 for a number of op
About another medal, you can only achieve it by having full pot welfare before then get the letter for that welfare when their corresponding record restoration comes :fgo_gudako:


Yeah I think they just added the secret medals in today’s update. I got the flame shards one as soon as I logged in.

You didn’t get the other one from the record restore?


Oh that makes sense, I did already have Ceylon full pot.

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Well, suppose that solves it.

Thanks for the help on this nonsensical topic

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