Seeking help with fighting Cu Alter (for a friend)

Hi all. I have a friend who recently started FGO and has somehow managed to get to the Cu Alter in the fifth singularity in a relatively short period of time with a rather… underdeveloped roster. (I asked how they managed this, but they didn’t know either.)

Currently, the only decently leveled Servants they have are Tomoe Gozen (lvl 50), OG Artoria (60), Mash (46), and Serenity (50). Other than that, the only other gold Servants they have are Suzuka Gozen, Anne Bonny & Mary Read, and d’Eon, but they’re all at lvl 1.

At this point, I’m thinking their best bet would be to create a solo party and borrow a good solo Servant from someone. Except for two things: I’m not sure how feasible it is to solo Cu Alter, and if it is feasible, we’d still need to find someone who is able to provide the necessary Servant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Edit: never mind

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No, I mean… the fight against Cu Alter in the 5th singularity.

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Oh, when you said he got Cu Alter and mentioned soloing, I misunderstood.

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“Managed to get to Cu Alter.”
Hell, if they actually had Cu Alter, I’d tell them to drop trying to level other Servants and invest in him until he was viable.

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I misunderstood too

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Well, since he’s still a Berserker, anything that removes or bypasses his Evade will wreck him. Have him borrow someone who counters that nonsense, and use a CS if necessary to rush an NP if he’s struggling.

Specifically, something like Holmes’ NP to give the party Ignore Invincible and Ignore DEF, or Amakusa to strip his buffs away with each NP. Or just go with traditional support, and he can account for the number of hits left on Cu’s Evade while planning his card chains.

Sorry, that was probably my fault for being a little ambiguous. I’ll edit the opening post a bit…

This is half the problem: My friend literally only just started FGO in time to get Tomoe from the Setsubun Banner, and literally does not have very many people with good Servants on their friends list.

That can be a problem, but silly question incoming: is he actively inviting friends? Shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

I’ll be completely honest: After being a long time friend of this person, I can honestly say they have really bad luck with such things. Yes, they’ve been actively sending requests, but they don’t really have anyone that can help. That’s why I’m trying to find a strategy for them and someone willing to lend a Servant. :sweat_smile:

I can put up my Holmes if your friend needs it. Comes with MLB 2030.


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What’s his friend code? My support may help him.


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They can invite me as well:


Just please tell me their name so that I know to accept.

@yoursenpai @Gou @RamenKing Thank you. I’ve given the friend codes to them, but they’re currently doing one of the event quests, so give them a minute. The IGN is Myreun.

Happy to help. With our combined rosters to choose from, I don’t think your friend will have any issues with poor Cu Alter.

:joy: I sure hope not. Sadly, my support roster isn’t terribly helpful to them, because I don’t have anyone that can really counter Cu Alter. I honestly don’t even remember how I beat him, but it was probably using CS or Herc being a badass anchor.

I think you have musashi. He still can use her to strip his evade.

Yeah, except she’s lvl 8. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ok, here’s their friend code for anyone else who wants to help: 407,621,211