SEEL battle day

The mini-event “Seel battle day” just ended here in my area (Thailand). For those who have not yet started, here is an update. Evolved move is indeed double legacy Ice Shard and Icy Wind.

  1. event runs 11am-2pm local time. for each “first win” per PvP set one receives a Seel reward. Shiny rate might be boosted as I received one shiny out of seven rewards … but who knows.

  2. if you win at least 3 wins per set you will get 2 Seel rewards per set. 1 in the first slot and 1 in the third slot. As a result many opponents were likely forfeiting matches to squeeze in more sets.

  3. The rewards stopped abruptly at 2PM local time (as expected). Evolutions thereafter are normal, less attractive moves.

  4. Lucky trades might be boosted as 2 of my 7 Seel trades were Lucky (which of course made those Seels/Dewgongs worthless for PvP).

I only learned of the event halfway through thanks to a “Dewgong IV Deep Dive” analysis that popped up on my phone, otherwise I would have missed this completely as there is no in game announcement. Thanks a lot to the cretins at Niantic for that !!! I wish I could have played more but at least I already had some good Seels in hand. Hope you guys will get more out of this event than I did.


That is VERY nice info. Been eyeing with Dewgong for a while, and have a rank 14 Shiny Seel, but didn‘t want to use ETMs for that. Screw Niantic though for not announcing that, I would‘ve totally missed that.

The evolve window is in one of the subsections of an announcement but I only noticed it last night and I’d say I read it maybe 10 times in total since the end of Feb

It really is terrible work on niantic’s part again both in the communication and execution. It would be like stopping the CD move being available at half 12 on CD.

Utterly useless but arguably the rarest I’ll ever catch